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  • Resolved kwellham


    I have installed this wonderful plugin, which is working perfectly and I can see that it will come in very handy. However, having added six new sidebars now (I am adding them for each of my categories) I have noticed that the first two I created have now disappeared from the site and from the widgets page, although they are still visible in the plugin itself.

    Can anyone tell me why this is? I do need to create quite a few more and will need to add even more in the future so if I am limited to just four it could be a problem.

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  • Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    I’m sorry to hear about your problem.

    I took at quick look at the code to see if I’d made a stupid error making an upper limit for how many sidebars could be created. Luckily it ought to be possible to create and manage an unlimited number.

    Notice that sidebars saved as draft will not appear on the widgets page or at the site. Only published, private and scheduled sidebars will do this.

    What version of WordPress are you using? And have you tried deactivating other plugins? Will the first (oldest) sidebars come back if you remove/draft the new ones?
    Also, how many original (not content aware) sidebars do your site have?

    Hi, thanks for responding so quickly, I’ll try to answer. I have just updated my version of WordPress so it should all be up to date.

    I am using the Selecta theme which has the panels:

    Header Panel
    Index Header Panel
    Advert Sidebar
    Footer Left
    Footer Middle
    Footer Right

    The first two sidebars I created with the Plugin did come back when I removed two newer ones. It might be a conflicting plugin but I’m not sure which it could be. I have quite a lot installed. I will try to remove any I’m not using that are related to the sidebar if I can.

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Actually, I might have made a stupid error after all. If you are able to modify the plugin code, try finding the function create_sidebars(), then change:

    numberposts' => 0


    numberposts' => -1

    Please write back whether or not this fixes your problem. If it does, this will of course be implemented in the next version too.

    This seems to have worked, thank you! I’m going to keep adding them over the next few hours so if I have anymore issues I will post here but otherwise thank you again 🙂

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Sounds great! Thanks for reporting this bug. Feel free to write again if you encounter more problems.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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