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[Resolved] [Plugin: Content Aware Sidebars] HANDLE : HOST NOT FOUND

  • Content Aware Sidebars
    Have been using this which is such a FANTASTIC plugin.
    Had to recently update my Theme (Vantage)http://demos.appthemes.com/?theme=vantage

    All of a sudden my sidebars no longer work and I get this error:
    HANDLE : HOST NOT FOUND when trying to create a Sidebar.

    I am certain the theme update ruined this sidebar but does the error give me any hope in finding out where to start looking to fix this??
    Many thanks


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  • Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Thanks for your kind words.

    The theme switch is most likely the cause of your problem, yes. The thing is that themes might have totally different sidebars even though they appear in the same spots. Content Aware Sidebars saves the id of the host sidebar, and if this id cannot be found in the list of registered sidebars, you will get the message you describe.

    It should be easy to fix as you just have to update all of your sidebars with a new sidebar host.

    However, if I understand you correctly you still get the error after having created a sidebar in the new theme? If that is the case, the issue might be caused by the theme (probably registering the sidebars too late in the page load).
    Do your new sidebars appear on the website regardless of the error?

    Many thanks Joachim appreciate your comments.
    No the new sidebars do not appear on the website http://www.23net.co.za
    Not sure what you mean “update all of your sidebars with a new sidebar host”? How do I do this?

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Your sidebar edit screen should look something like this:

    In the select box under Host Sidebar, a list of all current registered sidebars in your WordPress installation is shown. When you get the “host not found” error in the overview, you just have to pick a new host sidebar in the edit screen.

    Thanks now I can see the problem have a look at my screen here:
    It does not display any options like your example?
    Is there any thing I can do here I have removed and re-installed it a few times?

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    You can drag the boxes around with your mouse and you can show/hide them by clicking on the Screen Options in the upper right corner.

    So either it has been hidden or it has been moved below the boxes in the right column.

    Removing and reinstalling the plugin will not reset those settings (obviously it should and will be corrected in the next version), but all your content aware sidebars will be permanently removed.

    Thanks again Joachim,
    Nothing toggles or moves on the screen even when I click Screen Options nothing happens. Cannot drag boxes around they will not move either?

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    It is strange that the box is nowhere to be found as all the boxes are instantiated at the same time.

    That you cannot drag the boxes around means that there are some problems with javascript. Did you have this problem while you had your previous theme? And can you drag boxes around on other pages, e.g. when creating a new post/page?

    If you want, you could create a user for me (jv[at]intox.dk) on your website, so I could look into the problems myself when I get time. An author-role should be enough.

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    I found and solved the problem.

    It turned out you have a huge amount of custom posts and custom terms, and as Content Aware Sidebars want to load and show all of them on the edit screen, the page would never finish loading, and therefore all the boxes (and javascript) were not shown.

    I made a quick fix by limiting the max number of posts and terms that should be loaded per type. It is now 200. Of course this is a restriction on what specific content you can display sidebars with, but it is already planned that the plugin will be fully scalable in a future release – perhaps the next one.

    Many thanks for fixing the problem. My needs only require me to select Categories so there is only about 25 of these. I cannot explain how I appreciate you taking the time to resolve this issue thank you so much Joachim!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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