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    Just installed and set up 2 forms w/ the Contact Form 8 plugin and after filling out the form and hitting “Send” I get a spinning processor icon to the right of the “Send” button but no reload of the page to a “Thank you…” message or other verification that the form has submitted successfully. …I DO get the email to my inbox so the form DOES process successfully, it’s just that to the user it doesn’t look like it ever goes through. Any thoughts anyone?


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  • cpier


    Same problem here. It was working a few weeks ago. I’m not shure but I think that it’s broken since the WordPress 3 Update.

    Im using a modified version of Arthemia Theme.

    Plugin Author alanhogan


    I think this is indeed a problem triggered by the update to WordPress 3.

    I do not plan on updating Contact Form 8. I consider it deprecated in favor instead of CF7 (which appears to have this problem, too) since the problem I intended to fix is solvable with good old CF7 now.



    Hello pals

    After doing a huge test session, I realized that if we put an file upload option on the contact form (and really download the file), the “Thank you message” appears. Instead, if we don´t download a file, the “eternal spinning arrow” is the result, although the message is sent.

    If there is a solution, we need to concentrate in this fact above.

    By the way, I use the plugin for a Real Estate website running (obviously) WP 3.0. So, I did a form in a certain way that users can send me their houses data (to put an ad on my site). And the users always send at least one picture! So, the users will always receive the “thank you message” after pressing the SEND button.

    For me, CF8 is running like a charm!

    Best regards and thank you Alan and Miyoshi!



    I switched to CF7, form was still there and working.

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