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  • Hey guys,

    I’m running a Varnished WP installation with a page containing 5 cf7 forms to order tickets by e-mail. Since the installation is still getting lots of httpd processes though getting a Varnish hitrate that’s skyhigh, I began to examine the Apache access log and saw that the tickets page was requesting 5 GET’s on page load without getting anything back from the backend…

    When I examine the JS code in the script.js file of the plugin, I see the following:

    $.getJSON(url,{ _wpcf7_is_ajax_call: 1, _wpcf7: id,_wpcf7_request_ver: $.now() },
     function(data) {
      if (data && data.captcha)
        $('#' + unitTag).wpcf7RefillCaptcha(data.captcha);
      if (data && data.quiz)
        $('#' + unitTag).wpcf7RefillQuiz(data.quiz);

    Meaning the GET executed on load isnt worth anything when you’re not using a captcha or quiz element in the form?

    I’m planning on disabling W3 Total Cache since I’m purging the content with a hook on “save_post”, so no need to use W3TC.

    Could the author of the plugin confirm that, when disabling W3TC but using Varnish, the forms will still submit considering POST’s are not cached in Varnish?

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