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  • Hi,

    I would like to allow my users to add aditional text fields depending on their requirements. i.e. the fill out one persons name but need to add another, each customer has a different amount of persons names who they must input. would it be possible to add extra fields dependant upon customer?

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  • Being able to change the number of fields on the form on-the-fly from a contact page? No. The number of fields is predetermined when you build a form. [You could finesse/fake this by using JQuery to display more of the fields when clicking on something, but that requires JQuery skills].

    So you could just build a lot of fields into a form and just not require them. I’m assuming there’s a really good reason for needing to have each name in a separate field. That seems odd to me, as opposed to just writing them all in one text field. [Ohhhh, maybe you’re populating a database, with that separate plugin.]

    Unless you’re really talking about changing email recipients, or groups thereof. You could rig something like that up doing this:

    The reason I require this is because I would like a form for my customers to enter some data about each product they require.

    We sell hoodies and customers order different quantities, so if they order 20 we want 20 fields of the following; size and personalised text (we print the text on them).

    Obviously quantities are different per customer. So if they order 30, we’d want 30 fields. I’d then like to export this as a CSV using the Contact Form 7 database plugin.

    Looks like i’m going to have to write something in PHP then.. 🙁

    I see now. Yes, using a contact form for this sounds tempting, but that functionality is quite fancy. Contact Form 7 is so popular because it’s very simple and generally works.

    I’ve been tempted to use WP for ecommerce, and I’ve searched and tested a lot of stuff. Nothing looks great to me. The most popular one, WP-Ecommerce, is just amazingly full of bugs. I was actually working on a site last week that has it, and I’m thinking, maybe they’ve fixed the bugs by now. And months later, nope, still loads of really dumb bugs. But it basically works, so you could try that if you have a strong stomach. I would be embarrased to release a product in that kind of shape.

    To me this proves that people are so eager to have anything for WP ecommerce that they’re willing to use software that’s about 90% baked.

    I have heard better things about Eshop lately, though.

    But if I were doing ecommerce, I wouldn’t recommend WP in the first place. I’d use a dedicated ecommerce system. My 2 pence.

    good luck.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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