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  • Hi,
    Just to let you know that when using Contact Form 7 to Database Extension with Fast and Secure Contact Form, and having also Contact Form 7 installed and being used (but not with the database plugin), the Contact Form 7 forms hang when using them, the arrow icons keep rotating and no confirmation message shows, even though the emails are being send through the form.

    I was able to solve the problem by editing the CF7DBPlugin.php in the Contact Form to DB Extension and commenting out the line:
    add_action(‘wpcf7_before_send_mail’, array(&$this, ‘saveFormData’));

    It would be good if the plugin had an option for this on the menu.

    Also, I changed the plugin to insert the form input directly into the wp_posts table, so they became common editable posts. I did this for custom posts, works great. It’d be really good if the plugin allowed for this directly.

    Thanks for the excellent work.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I will put in an option to enable/disable working with CF7 & FSCF in the next release.

    Send me your code that inserts into wp_post tables and I’ll look into incorporating that as an option.

    Hi, i’m having the same same problem, i commented that line but it doesn’t work… please help!… i don’t know what else to do…
    pleasee pleasee

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I guess I never go around to providing an option to enable/disable. As I look at it, I don’t think that is the problem. Commenting out that line essentially disables the plugin’s integration with CF7 but that is already independent of its integration with FSCF. That line of code is only called during a post from a CF7 form. And a similar line is called only when called from a post form a FSCF form.

    The issue the first users saw a year ago may have been an error happening in my plugin but the code now handles errors and doesn’t let the flow up into CF7 which it could stop processing and cause it to hang.

    But obviously cindu is seeing this problem, but I suspect it is a different issue, just the same symptom.
    1. If you disable the FSCF plugin, does the CF7 post still hang?
    2. How about if re-enable FSCF and disable my plugin (CFDB).
    3. The try disabling all plugins except these try and try
    This will help ascertain if there is a FSCF-CF7 plugin conflict, or some other XXX-CF7 conflict, or if CFDB is to blame.

    thanks for your quick answer, actually the 3 points you gave … did them…
    number one, yes it still hangs…..
    number 2. doesn’t work and same for number 3…

    what could be happening…?
    yesterday when i first try this two together (cause i’ve always used contact form) when i disable the FSCF and just left CF7 it did work normally, but after a while trying many things, the CF7 stopped working… and hangs…

    what else can i try?

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    If all plugins are disabled except CF7, does it hang?
    – If yes, there is something with CF7
    – If no, re-enable each other plugin one-by-one, each time testing if CF7 hangs. See if you can conclusively identify the plugin that is conflicting with CF7.
    – If you find it, then go back and turn off all plugins but CF7 and the suspect plugin, and test.

    All that is assuming that there is some kind of plugin conflict. Maybe that is not the case at all. Could it possible that CF7 is hanging about because it is hanging on its send mail function for some reason?

    yep it hangs…
    there is no plugin not even one active, and the contact form hangs….
    is weird cause yesterday was working good… all though i did not recive the emails….

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