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  • Up ! anyone ?
    It seems the plugin doesn’t create tables with wp_#_ prefix that’s why it can’t find data.
    justinhandley did you find an answer ?

    OK, so unfortunately this was a while ago, and I can’t remember what happened, but I have the plugin working now. So, it is possible.

    I tried to disable the plugin on the network and enable it on each of my site.
    I still have the message “No form submissions in the database”.

    I don’t know where are stored the contact form 7 in the database and don’t know how cfdb match this request, but i still think this is an error of table create in database.

    Justinhandley, do you remember if you’ve hacked the plugin or just find the “magic conf” in admin ?

    Unfortunately I don’t. I don’t think I had to hack it. Have you filled out the form and you definitely aren’t getting people into the list? Have you chosen the right form from the dropdown?

    I’ve totaly uninstall the plugin and reactivate it (one time with massive activate another with single site activate ).
    On installation, only one table has been created (wp_cf7dbplugin_submits).
    Could you check if you have any other tables ?
    I suppose that wp_X_cf7dbplugin_submits should be created also.

    I’ve manualy created my tables then submit a form and it works !!
    Will be a good solution atm but i still think there’s a problem with tables creation on wordpress native multisite.

    I mean : what happen when the network admin (not me) will add a blog ?
    He’ll have to execute an sql request on the server ?

    @fyoo can you give me a step by step on what you did?

    I am trying to make this work.

    I cannot find anything like wp_cf7dbplugin_submits.

    I have found the related blog’s tables but there’s noting.

    I want to get to work on one blog on my multi site (BTW: I worked a few months ago but reading about it here it looks like an accident for it to have worked).

    Did you add it to the mu-plugins dir or uploaded as a normal plugin.

    And did you activated it on the individual blog?

    And what did you do at phpmyadmin?



    Hi Johan !

    First, i’ve ulpoaded the plugin by the normal way and activate it on all the network.

    On installation, the plugin create a unique table on database called wp_1_cf7dbplugin_submits. ( if it is not created on installation, it may be created on first submission )
    This table store answers of your main blog form’s.

    The plugin should create a table for each of your blog … but it doesn’t.

    I’ve manually created tables in phpMyAdmin for each of my network site, replacing the number with the ID of each blog.

    The problem still that each time i create a new blog, i’ve to create manually the table.

    Hope this will help ! ( sorry for my english, i’ll work on it ! promise ! )

    Hi fyoo

    Ha ha. Working on your English.

    My first language is not English. All I need is to is to understand you. And that I understand very well. Thanks for your update. I appreciate. 😉

    I will do what you have done. Thanks a million.



    I network activated the plugin and the did a test on one contact form on a sub blog and it worked without me having to create tables on my database. 😉

    I just hope that future updates will not break this ;-(

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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