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  • Hi,

    First, hats off to the developer of this plugin. It’s intelligently put together and extremely well documented. Kudos for going above and beyond.

    I’m wondering if someone can tell me how I can leverage the individual values of each row using CFDB-VALUE shortcode, to enhance the layout of my page?

    In short, I would like to move away from the standard table layout, and have specific data appear in predetermined DIVs of my choosing for styling purposes.

    The issue I am running into is the “repeating” (repeating rows) of the data. Here is the layout I am seeking, but I would like for the STORY_WRAP to be repeated rather than the value within div as is happening now. The goal is to have each DIV with the class STORY_WRAP represent one row of data from the DB table. Hope this makes sense!

    <div class="story_wrap">
        <div class="story_body">
           <p>[cfdb-value form="Personal Stories" show="your-name"] ([cfdb-value form="Personal Stories" show="your-condition"])</p>
           <div>[cfdb-value form="Personal Stories" show="your-story"]</div>

    Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I think the way to accomplish this is to use the [cfdb-json] tag to dump the data into a Javascript variable and include your own Javascript code to read that and create the HTML you want.

    Thanks Michael, do you have any links to point me to that may help to get me started? I have not worked with JSON.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    JSON is just a simple way of describing data in a JavaScript object. If you know some Javascript you don’t have to worry about this JSON thing. Read through the page on [cfdb-json] to show you what it outputs.

    You would want to do something like this:

    [cfdb-json var="mydata" form="Personal Stories" show="your-name,your-condition,your-story"]
    <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">
        for(var i=0; i<mydata.length; i++) {
         document.write('<div class="story_wrap">');
         document.write('    <div class="story_body">');
         document.write('       <p>' + mydata[i]['your-name'] + ' (' +  mydata[i]['your-condition'] + ')</p>');
         document.write('       <div>' + mydata[i]['your-story']  + '</div>');
         document.write('     </div>');

    Thanks Brother, I got it to work. JSON is cool. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you.

    For other readers reading this thread, make sure you store your JavaScript in a .js file of its own and then call it in through the post/page. You can’t dump the JS directly into the post/page.

    Plugin Author Michael Simpson


    I know you got this to work, but having thought about this, I created a new shortcode to do this without the javascript. It is available in version 1.8. [cfdb-html]


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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