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  • Same situation here. The message gets sent but the spinning arrow never stops and the Message Sent confirmation box won’t appear.

    Same here too. Using WordPress 3.1.1

    Error messages do show up.

    Solved: in my case i was using the Google Analytics hook
    on_sent_ok: “pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/thank-you.html’);”

    but google Analytics wasn’t installed yet , so it threw a js error, preventing the message from appearing.

    Hi Pixeline!

    Did you place the Google Analytics hook manually? and where is the hook placed? In which file?

    I mean, I didn’t do such thing on purpose, so am not sure if I have it or not.

    Since I’m a newby my questions might seem a bit weird 🙂

    No, i did it via the “extra settings” ui in the plugin’s option page.
    I found the problem by launching my javascript console. (via firebug firefox extension).

    I suspect all issues in this matter, are due to javascript used in other plugins. It’s definitely a javascript issue .


    I just found out that the “List yo’ files” plugin is causing this. However, I don’t think that this plugin is using javascript. I may be wrong but there are no js files in the plugins folder, nor there are any js namings in the php files.

    I still don’t know how to fix this problem.

    If anyone figures out this problem with list-yo-files and contact-form-7 I’ll very much appreciate it.


    I am having the same issue but I am not technically literate enough to understand any of what you guys are talking about.

    4wehelp, don’t worry I don’t understand must of everything people write in these forums. I’m just trying to figure out things the hard way.

    Anyway, my problem became even more interesting 🙂

    I had actually 2 wordpress sites. Both have the twentyten theme and exactly the same plugins with same settings and attributes. Both sites are hosted on the same server and everything from WP 3.1.1 to plugins, etc. is up to date.

    After uninstalling List Yo’ Files and installing WB-FileBase my issue got solved on the first site where I was doing the figuring out part. Was so happy to have finally found a work around and made the same thing with my second site. Guess what? Didn’t work!

    I tried to deactivate all the plugins except Contact Form 7 and still no success. Then I deactivated and deleted CF7, made a fresh install and activation. Still no success.

    At this point I’m feeling hopeless.

    Is there anyway to find out what might be causing this problem?

    Pixeline, you did mention that you figured out your problem with java console. Is it possible for someone like me who doesn’t know coding at all find the problem the same way you did? Or do I need to have some coding experience to understand the outcomes of this java console thing?

    I’m beggining for a little assistance.

    Any help is appreciated.


    to debug javascript, you would need a javascript console (java is a totally different language).

    Such console is available via the Firefox Extension “Firebug”.
    if you post a link to your blog, i can have a peak.

    I certainly appreciate any help
    our contact form

    Hi Pixeline,

    I tried the firbug thing but didn’t see anything understandable to me 🙂

    I’d very much be in debt to you if you could help me with this.

    The page where the form is at

    Thanks a million.


    i tried posting to your form. Indeed it hangs.

    There is no javascript error reported. If i submit the form empty, the console shows this as the server’s response:

    {“mailSent”:false,”into”:”#wpcf7-f4-p65-o1″,”captcha”:null,”message”:”Ge\u00e7erlilik hatalar\u0131 meydana geldi. L\u00fctfen alanlar\u0131 do\u011frulay\u0131n ve g\u00f6nderimi onaylay\u0131n.”,”invalids”:[{“into”:”span.wpcf7-form-control-wrap.your-name”,”message”:”L\u00fctfen gerekli alanlar\u0131 doldurun.”},{“into”:”span.wpcf7-form-control-wrap.your-email”,”message”:”L\u00fctfen gerekli alanlar\u0131 doldurun.”}]}

    If i submit the form properly filled in, the server returns this json

    {“mailSent”:true,”into”:”#wpcf7-f4-p65-o1″,”captcha”:null,”message”:”\u0130letiniz ba\u015far\u0131yla g\u00f6nderildi. Te\u015fekk\u00fcrler.”,”onSentOk”:null}

    So: this means that the issue is in the javascript that controls the message returned by the server. It could also be a css issue (but i doubt it).

    At this point, i would contact the plugin author with this info because it needs further investigation to pinpoint the cause of your issue.

    Also: given the amount of javascript you use on that page, i would suggest turning off all your plugins (except contact form 7) and check if the problem still occurs. If it disappears, then you know you have to locate the specific plugin that causes the problem. Activate them one by one, trying each time the contact form until it breaks again.

    Dear Pixeline,

    Thank you so much for your help.

    As you suggested I deactivated all plugins except CF7. However the problem still continues. At this point we can assume the problem is like you said about the java/server issue, of which I’m not literate enough.

    I’ll now prepare a message for the author of this plugin. Hope this’ll help.

    Anyway, thank you again and again for your time and help. That was very kind of you.


    Just before submitting this answer I tried as last hope to check the css.. aaand voila.

    I’m using a child theme for twentyten. In the childtheme I have style.css, functions.php, etc.

    After several tests, I found out that the problem is with the functions.php

    I have 3 functions specified in the file. I tried all combinations with deleting functions and testing the form. None have worked. I even deleted everything on the file, still no luck. The only way it works is to delete the functions.php from the childtheme.

    So, now I’m hopeless again, because I don’t know what could be the problem with the functions.php

    Anyway, thank you again for your help. Now I have to figure out what is wrong with that 🙂



    I found the solution to this after a research on the forums. I’ve seen that many have problems with the functions.php using childthemes. I found the solution on the following thread.

    Pixeline, without your help and guidance I couldn’t have come to this solution.

    Thanks again 🙂


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