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  • guigao


    I was having the same problem. And after a lot of tests I realized that the error only occur when I used a text field that I called “name”. Once I changed it back to “your-name” it started to work.

    The same thing happened for me as well. Use [your-name] instead and you should be all set. Thanks guys!

    Thanks guys, helped me too!

    Thanks for comment, what an odd bug… Anyone find the logical reasoning as to why this happens?


    OMG! I’ve been searching for days for some info on this!

    I’m still having the same error. Once you click on submit button it goes to “the page cannot be displayed”error and the url has this in the end #wpcf7-f1-p15-o1

    I have used [your-name] already but it’s the same problem. Do you think it’s because I’m using IIS as a server?

    I’ve tried to install wordpress and upload the same files on to my other hosting account which is linux and it’s working fine.

    Anybody knows what might be the problem?


    @star5oup can I see your form page?

    @takayukister here’s the page


    I find that the required javascript file is not loaded. I thik that must be the reason.

    This line is missing from the footer of your contact page:

    <script type='text/javascript' src='http://*****/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/contact-form-7.js?ver=2.0.5'></script>

    Beats me how this can happen unless you had removed that call action through your functions.php


    This line is missing from the footer of your contact page:

    <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://*****/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/contact-form-7.js?ver=2.0.5′></script>

    The most possible reason for this is missing wp_footer() call in your theme’s footer.php.

    @star5oup I think it’s highly likely IIS server settings have relation to this issue. Can you be more specific about the server?

    @takayukister I’ve cleaned my template so all javascript file needed are attached. The form is no longer directing to 405 error page, but it’s still now working. Below are the problems that I’ve encountered:

    * when you view this url and you click on the send button it only displays the loader image but it doesn’t display any error message nor it sends the mail.

    * but when you view this url, it properly displays the error message with red border “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”

    The iis server is ver 5 with php5 and mysql 5. Is there any system requirements for this contact form 7 to work in IIS? Or could it be a firewall issue? what do you think? I’m just new in IIS so I have no idea why it’s not working as the form is working fine in my linux server.


    I don’t know well about IIS, though, it seems that IIS 5 is an old version. Would it be possible for you to update it? I don’t think the issue is related to a firewall.

    hey guys

    ive got a really long form thats routing to a 404 page. what am i doing wrong?

    heres the code:

    <h4>General Information</h4>

    [select* month “Jan” “Feb” “Mar” “Apr” “May” “Jun” “Jul” “Aug” “Sep” “Oct” “Nov” “Dec”] [select* Day “1” “2” “3” “4” “5” “6” “7” “8” “9” “10” “11” “12” “13” “14” “15” “16” “17” “18” “19” “20” “21” “22” “23” “24” “25” “26” “27” “28” “29” “30” “31”] [select* year “2009” “2010”]</p>

    <p>Artist Requested*
    [select* artist-requested include_blank “Etienne Ozborne” “Jerome Robins” “Martin Villeneuve” “Zoltan Kontes”]</p>

    <p>Number of Shows*
    [text* number-of-shows 2/2]</p>

    <p>Doors Open*
    [text* doors-open]</p>

    <p>Doors Close*
    [text* doors-open]</p>

    <p>Proposed Set Time*
    [text* set-time]</p>

    [select* ages include_blank “19+” “21+” “18+” “16+” “All Ages”]</p>

    <h4>Offer Terms & Budget</h4>

    <p>Offer Amount*
    [text* offer-amount]</p>

    <p>Ticket Price*
    [text* ticket-price]</p>

    <p># of DJs Playing
    [text* number-of-djs-playing 2/2]</p>

    <h4>Venue Information</h4>

    <p>Venue Name*
    [text* venue-name]</p>

    <p>Venue Capacity*
    [text* venue-capacity]</p>

    [text* city]</p>

    [select* country include_blank “Afghanistan” “Albania” “Algeria” “Andorra” “Angola” “Antigua & Deps”
    “Argentina” “Armenia” “Australia” “Austria” “Azerbaijan” “Bahamas” “Bahrain” “Bangladesh” “Barbados”
    “Belarus” “Belgium” “Belize” “Benin” “Bhutan” “Bolivia” “Bosnia Herzegovina” “Botswana” “Brazil” “Brunei”
    “Bulgaria” “Burkina” “Burundi” “Cambodia” “Cameroon” “Canada” “Cape Verde” “Central African Rep” “Chad”
    “Chile” “China” “Colombia” “Comoros” “Congo” “Congo {Democratic Rep}” “Costa Rica” “Croatia” “Cuba”
    “Cyprus” “Czech Republic” “Denmark” “Djibouti” “Dominica” “Dominican Republic” “East Timor” “Ecuador”
    “Egypt” “El Salvador” “Equatorial Guinea” “Eritrea” “Estonia” “Ethiopia” “Fiji” “Finland” “France” “Gabon”
    “Gambia” “Georgia” “Germany” “Ghana” “Greece” “Grenada” “Guatemala” “Guinea” “Guinea-Bissau” “Guyana”
    “Haiti” “Honduras” “Hungary” “Iceland” “India” “Indonesia” “Iran” “Iraq” “Ireland {Republic}” “Israel”
    “Italy” “Ivory Coast” “Jamaica” “Japan” “Jordan” “Kazakhstan” “Kenya” “Kiribati” “Korea North” “Korea
    South” “Kosovo” “Kuwait” “Kyrgyzstan” “Laos” “Latvia” “Lebanon” “Lesotho” “Liberia” “Libya” “Liechtenstein”
    “Lithuania” “Luxembourg” “Macedonia” “Madagascar” “Malawi” “Malaysia” “Maldives” “Mali” “Malta” “Marshall
    Islands” “Mauritania” “Mauritius” “Mexico” “Micronesia” “Moldova” “Monaco” “Mongolia” “Montenegro”
    “Morocco” “Mozambique” “Myanmar, {Burma}” “Namibia” “Nauru” “Nepal” “Netherlands” “New Zealand” “Nicaragua”
    “Niger” “Nigeria” “Norway” “Oman” “Pakistan” “Palau” “Panama” “Papua New Guinea” “Paraguay” “Peru”
    “Philippines” “Poland” “Portugal” “Qatar” “Romania” “Russian Federation” “Rwanda” “St Kitts & Nevis” “St
    Lucia” “Saint Vincent & the Grenadines” “Samoa” “San Marino” “Sao Tome & Principe” “Saudi Arabia” “Senegal”
    “Serbia” “Seychelles” “Sierra Leone” “Singapore” “Slovakia” “Slovenia” “Solomon Islands” “Somalia” “South
    Africa” “Spain” “Sri Lanka” “Sudan” “Suriname” “Swaziland” “Sweden” “Switzerland” “Syria” “Taiwan”
    “Tajikistan” “Tanzania” “Thailand” “Togo” “Tonga” “Trinidad & Tobago” “Tunisia” “Turkey” “Turkmenistan”
    “Tuvalu” “Uganda” “Ukraine” “United Arab Emirates” “United Kingdom” “United States” “Uruguay” “Uzbekistan”
    “Vanuatu” “Vatican City” “Venezuela” “Vietnam” “Yemen” “Zambia” “Zimbabwe”]</p>

    <p>Phone #*
    [text* phone-number]</p>

    <h4>Venue Contact</h4>

    <p>Your Full Name*
    [text* your-name]</p>

    <p>Your Email Address*
    [email* your-email]</p>

    <h4>Buying Company Information</h4>

    <p>Company Name*
    [text* company-name]</p>

    <p>Name of Signatory*
    [text* name-of-signatory]</p>

    <p>Email Address of Signatory*
    [email* email-address-of-signatory]</p>

    <p>Phone # of Signatory*
    [text* phone-number-of-signatory]</p>

    <h4>Additional Information</h4>

    <p>Other Artists Confirmed For Show*
    [textarea* other-artists-confirmed x5]</p>

    <p>Have you worked with High Def Entertainment before?
    [radio worked-with-high-def-before “Yes” “No”]</p>

    <p>Which other agencies have you worked with?
    [textarea what-other-agencies-worked-with x5]</p>

    Any additional comments/information?
    [textarea additional-comments x5]</p>

    <p>Please Enter the CAPTCHA code below*
    [captchac captcha-710 size:m]
    [captchar captcha-710 12/12]</p>

    Please note, only one artist per request form. The completion of this form does not guarantee you a booking for the Artist(s) requested.

    Those who have not worked with High Def Entertainment before are required to pay all money up front for first time bookings.

    <p>[submit “Submit Request”]</p>



    Wow that is totally interesting that by changing the ‘name’ on the <input name”name”> field fixed that error I was having with being redirected to the 404 page after click the submit button.

    I created my own contact form from scratch and the only thing I had to do to fix this error was change the input field for name from <input “name”> to <input “nombre”> and voila! Fixed!

    It’s pretty much what guigao said.

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