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  • In the current version of the cf7 the submit does not work. Tested it on current Chrome, Firefox and Opera. There only comes the moving circle.

    Feel free to test it here:


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  • I investigated a little and saw that the firebug shows an error in the script.js together with the jquery.form.js:

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    here are the lines 22 till 26 of the script.js file


    data: { '_wpcf7_is_ajax_call': 1 },
    dataType: 'json',
    success: function(data) {
    var ro = $(data.into).find('div.wpcf7-response-output');


    I think that he tries to fill the object ‘data’ with something from ‘_wpcf7_is_ajax_call’ but gets null.

    After that he tries to access ‘data.into’ some lines down and gets also null.

    So if anybody has an idea please help…

    I’ve the same problem, using wp 3.1.2 and cf 2.4.5
    Any solution?


    Not until now… I hope that someone capable of understanding this ajax thing can have a look into it. 🙁

    If you know someone please give him a hint…


    I investigated a little more and found some weird behaviour. It seems as if an error handling routine of the jquery.form.js is called every time an “eval()” function is called in the success part of the ajaxForm. Especially in lines 48-49 and 54-55 of the scripts.js file of cf7.

    Has anyone an idea how to solve this?

    I’m in the same boat too! Subscribing hoping to see an answer soon. 🙂

    Hi, I got the same problem with wp3.1 and contact form 2.4.4
    i’ve just noticed it today, it was working fine some weeks ago.
    i tried to reinstall plugin, simplify email forms, create another form page, upgrade forms 2.4.5, desactivate others plugins.. nothing works.
    has anyone a solution ?

    For me it works now. I commented out those lines i mentioned earlier. I have no idea what they should do. Needs further investigation. its a temporary solution.

    I also nearly completed a plugin that provides reCAPTCHA for contact form 7. It does the same like the module that was available ones. I hope to get it up to at the end of the week. maybe someone is interested. 😉

    which lines did you suppressed in scripts.js please ?

    lines 48-49 and 54-55 of the scripts.js

    I have released a plugin that provides reCPATCHA for Contact Form 7. You can find it here:

    For that plugin to work the lines 54-55 need to be working. (not suppressed)

    I had this same issue. I deactivated the CF7 pluging and then deleted it. I noticed that the delete from WP did not delete the entry form the database. I went into mysql and dropped the table for CF7.

    I then used the wp plugin install method for plugins and activated the CF7 plugin from there. I then did the same with really simple captcha and all is working well.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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