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  • Today I had the common ajax spin issue with a client, running contact-form-7 version 2.4.1. After a few hours of checking into it, apparently an issue with either permalinks or page coding, but I’m not entirely sure. Nothing looked janky.

    My fix was to copy the original contact-page HTML directly into the “contact form 7 page” via the plugin.

    Then I deleted the original contact-page, created a new contact page only adding the shortcode to activate contact form 7.

    Tested it and saw the pretty little green box message sent box!

    We have many other clients which use contact 7 plugin latest version too on WP 3.01, I did a quick check on several and all were fine.

    It’s a mystery as to why this problem occurs for some, this plugin is one of the most stable and easy to use out there.

    Hope this fix helps,

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  • Im having a very similar problem and I can’t figure out why it doesn’t work. All my other clients have no trouble what so ever, except for the one, and for some reason the message to the site users doesnt work and the arrow keeps spinning.

    THX for your help.

    I’m having the same problem but no fix (yet).

    One form works fine; two other forms do not… After submitting it keeps on spinning and there is no message. The mail comes in instantly!

    Further: if I don’t fill in the form but just submit, no message is shown aswell.

    I tried to update the plugin to the latest version 9no go);
    I copied and edited the good working form (no go)
    I deavtivated and deleted the entire plugin and installed it fresh (no go).

    Any ideas?

    Grtz Victor

    have ya’ll tried deactivating all plugins then testing the contact form?
    likely another plugin is conflicting

    Victor did you try the fix above I posted?

    Create a new “contact form” page and

      add the shortcode only


    This is the only solution I could work out for contact form 7 spinning logo, and I covered every nook and cranny to solve it.

    Thankfully its been only a few clients, all have different plugins too. My guess is that it’s cache or permalinks related issue from what I could tell on the sites I’ve looked into fixing. It’s not an ajax or javascript problem, or any bug with the plugin itself.

    If the above fix doesn’t work, here’s what to check:
    – Remove any extra HTML code on the contact form 7 page via the settings interface (not the page via the WP visual editor).
    – While there, verify the shortcodes are correct, also check for any extra added form options, like phone/company name, file/attachment uploads, etc.
    Remove the left <[ and right ]> tags from both sides of the email forms.
    Deactivate these types of plugins below first:
    – Any caching plugins like w3 total and super cache
    – Any spam plugins like akimiset or bad behavior
    – Any security or htaccess related plugins like secure wp
    – Any plugins which are javascript/ajax based, like pretty photo/shadowbox, slideshows, and any other form or login plugins like theme my login, or easy signup.

    Hope that helps.




    Posting this in case someone finds it helpful:

    I had this problem, and it definitely seemed to be permalink related. The original (non-working) page slug was just contact. I took @boonjack’s advice and created another page to use the same form on, and it worked there. The new page’s slug was contact-test.

    Then, when I deleted the original page and went to move the new one into its place (also renaming it to just plain contact), it stopped working again. I then changed the page slug to contact-us and it works now! So it seems as though single-word slugs weren’t working.

    No idea why this works, but hopefully it helps someone.

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