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  • Hi guys, the cf7 that I have on my site is not working properly. When a user fills up the form and press submit, the arrows shows up but it never stop spinning. Although I do receive the message in my inbox. This is really inconvenient as the user would not know whether the message got through or not. And yes, I did try the solution reven give on this thread
    it did not work out though.

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  • Hi dumbmie,

    I have the same problem. The ‘succes’ message doesn’t display and the arrow keeps on spinning. The message does get delivered to my inbox. This means that it’s probably a bug in the processing of the AJAX response. Hopefully the developer can fix this.

    Could this have something to do with the upgrade to WP 3.0?

    Same here – using WP 2.9.2 and Contact Form 7 v 2.2.1

    The messages arrive but the user doesn’t know it because it never changes from the spinning arrow.

    So it seems it has nothing to do with the upgrade to WP 3.0

    It was working fine for me until I upgraded to WordPress 3.0. Now, the spinning arrow just keeps on going. So, for me it was definitely the upgrade to 3.0. Technically, the emails do get sent, but I would still vote that the plugin is broken until the spinning arrow problems is resolved.

    For now, try the development version: It fixed this bug for me.

    Aren’t they the same version? 2.2.1

    Okay, whoever that has issue using the CF7 please vote it as broken at

    Been using CF7 on several websites – all at WP 2.x – works a treat.

    Upgraded one of my sites to WP3 and CF7 now no longer works. Issue – user fills in form, presses submit, email is sent through ok, but CF7 interface just shows spinning arrows and never completes for user to know it’s been processed ok.

    I’m sure a fix will be along soon; as I say – great plug-in.

    I’m having the spinning arrows issue AND I never get the email.

    I have downloaded the ‘so-called’ dev version 2.2.1

    Still not working

    WordPress 3.0
    Contact Form 7 v. 2.2.1

    No bueno.

    Anyone have a fix?

    I am running Contact Form 7 on two sites hosted with Dreamhost. I am running CF 7 v2.2.1 and WP 3.0 on both sites. It works on one, and one the other I get the endlessly spinning icon on Send and no mail ever arrives. On the other site it has been working fine. I have no clue what the problem is, but I’m about to switch to a different contact form plugin for the site where it is not working, which is a shame since I’ve really like CF 7 until now.

    I installed Contact Form 8 and it fixed the problem. I did not have to rebuild any of my forms either.

    Sorry. Do NOT install Contact Form 8. Despite the gact that it seemed to have fixed my CF 7 problem, the developer says it is not WordPress 3 compatible and he has no intentions of continuing with it. Also, the deactivation process is more cumbersome than usual:

    I upgraded to 3.0 and upgraded contact form 7. This is what happened:

    1. users fill out form, hit submit, data entered disappears page does not redirect onto the next step (membership process – payment via paypal is next page). Also, there are slashes in the paragraph text as if to escape the apostrophes and quotes for php.

    2. I look at the code. All the ‘ and ” are escaped even if they are just in the html elements this is what is showing up on the form labels as extra slashes.

    3. Also the acceptance form sections are messed up.

    4. I connect via ftp and overwrite the new contact form 7 folder with the old one I have in my backup locally – hoping I can return to square 1.

    5. Now all looks good but when I submit the form I get the spinning arrow and nothing progresses.

    6. So how can I fix contact form 7 to work with wordpress 3 without these problems. Dreamhost is my host and I can’t believe they haven’t gone along with deprecating magic quotes so maybe the developer has something to fix there or maybe it’s a bigger issue.

    Any help please!

    update: I removed all the slashes in my cf7 code (and manually uploaded the latest dev version of cf7) and all working now. hope that helps someone.

    Disclaimer: Although this might not be all inclusive for all form elements, it certainly works for the standard form that comes packaged with Contact Form 7 v2.3 (latest release as of this writing).

    Problem: The spinning arrow will not stop on submission and no mail is sent. Seems to be related to the jQuery calls and interference.


    Open file:

    Edit line (around 46):

    Change this:
    define( 'WPCF7_LOAD_JS', true);

    To this:
    define( 'WPCF7_LOAD_JS', false );

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