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  1. snowcloud
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi everybody! I have a rather difficult question to ask. Please bear with me as I have been at this for weeks now, and I have literally tried every suggestion or solution for Contact Form 7 that has been posted in this forum.

    Ok so here is my only goal:

    - Make a simple suggestion box in my sidebar that matches the color of my site.

    I am using the SimpleDark Theme by Justice which is excellent by the way:

    I can get the contact form to show in my sidebar easily enough. It just looks completely out of place with a white background, and I would like to see it have the same background color as my comment box textarea has.

    Here is an example of both boxes on my site:

    All You Need To Know

    I have tried many different ways of adding code and changing code in both the themes main stylesheet.css folder and the CF7 stylesheet.css folder.

    Here are a few of the things I have tried so far:





    I just cant seem to change the background color no matter what I do. every time I make and adjustment to a color (#000000) nothing happens on my page after I save changes.

    I am not sure if it is complications with the stylesheet for my theme or what.

    I noticed that bojandivec replied to a topic about this, and I tried everything he said here:


    He says to search up "textarea" in your stylesheet but I only find three instances of that term in there and none of them have any color codes surrounding them.

    Please help me with this. I have been at this for so long, and truly have no clue why it has worked for others but not me.

    Thanks a ton

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