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    I have tried removing and re-adding fields. There’s no correlation between which fields I take out or add in; just if there are fewer?

    This is urgent, if I could get some idea of what could be causing it…

    Thanks again.

    Thanks for the reply. I had done that with everything but the basics–Akismet seems to be the culprit, does that make any sense?

    I have lost customers as a result of this form not sending and customers not responding after going through the time to fill out the form and then it doesn’t send. It seems like it can only handle a certain number of 3-4 messages or sends and then shuts down and needs to be reactivated daily. Can anyone please address this issue? I’ve already had several potential clients complain to me that they spent time filling out my survey form and then it did not send and they didn’t want to provide the information again.

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    I’m seeing the same issue as illustra (constant spinning arrows, no notification message, but email sent), with a form that previously worked perfectly.

    This behaviour seems to have started following from the latest CF7 update, and was just reported to me by a customer this morning (who had sent me 10+ copies of the same request!)

    I have made no other changes to plugins or themes.

    Identical issues to tekno23 and illustrata – the form technically works, but it doesn’t tell the person submitting that it’s completed the operation… thus resulting in me getting crazy amounts of the same submission while the person tries to get it to work. Started happening with the update for me as well. Here’s hoping you guys make a fix for this, my email inbox is getting hammered by people submitting each item upwards of 10 times trying to get it to ‘work’.

    I don’t want to post if it is not appropriate, but I would like to respond directly to the above comments if I may. I have been experiencing the same issues with the spinning circle image, but I have also experienced the message saying that it is not sent or has not been sent and then receiving it and then on the other hand I have had a client say he filled out everything and the form would not allow him to submit. I called GoDaddy and asked them to review error logs and there was nothing they were aware of and said all my mailboxes had lots of space available and should be working correctly on their side. Could this be some kind of redirect issue somehow? I’ve used this plugin for years and sporadically had problems with it not working. I’d deactivate it and reactivate it and then it seemed to work okay again for a while but no one has (to my knowledge) ever pinpointed an exact work-around or fix.

    It started for multiple people after the plugin upgrade, so I think it’s apparent that this is probably an issue related to the update, not our individual sites. Here’s hoping they’ll come up with a fix soon. I’ve had to remove the form because people were just going insane trying to submit over and over and over again to the point that it was getting out of hand =/

    I disabled the Akismet plugin and the form works fine once again. Will try to enable Akismet again after the next plugin update.

    Interesting (and annoying) to find it’s Akismet.

    The site I use this on gets a *lot* of SPAM comments to posts, so that’s not a solution for me.

    In my case, I’ve just put a warning up saying that there may not be a confirmation, but the form *has* been submitted.

    TBH, this has me considering going with JetPack, but I’ve never tried their forms…

    I can’t give up Akismet for similar reasons (hundreds of spam attempts every day), and my submitters don’t read enough – they’d continue to hammer my server with resubmits even with a notice. If anyone knows of a good similar plugin that can play nice with Akismet, that’d be great.

    I don’t use Akisment. Never needed it. I make users log in and register to comment and this slows down the spam considerably. So, I don’t have Adisment and the form does seem to work off and on when I deactivate and then reactivate it, but it’s unpredictable when it will work or not work and my hosting company said they have no irregularities on their end. So I just deactivated the plugin completely for now on all my sites and just post an image of my e-mail address for people to e-mail me directly. For now it seems the only truly reliable way to have people e-mail you.

    While there have been no responses to this thread, it appears the latest release -> fixes this issue.

    There doesn’t appear to be anything in the update info relating to it either, but I am now getting the confirmations.

    I just updated to the last version(3.3.1)and stil have the same problem, the circle-arrow icon which turns forever… the email is being sent but there are not notification message.

    I also deactivate all plugins and nothing

    Any ideas?

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