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  • Hi.

    First, I love contact form 7; thanks, it works well!

    I have a need to send email to multiple people — all teachers at a school .. 23 people.

    I can create 23 separate contact forms, and create 23 separate pages to contact each person, but it would make the most sense to have a <select> within the form to identify to whom the form should be submitted. The 23 separate forms appears to be a nightmare to keep updated as teachers come and go over the years.

    I clearly don’t want to put email addresses within the <select> (why not just include mailto: tags if I want to publish email addresses!); I can use select to include just the part of email address to the left of the @ sign, but … that’s not clear to the user. He wants to contact “Glenn Sonlifter” .. would he recognize “grsonlift” as the person he wants to contact? Doubtful.

    What would be nice is if the <select> had a way to put the “grsonlift” as what is submitted, while the user sees “Glenn Sonlifter”. I know HTML <select> has this option, but unclear if it’s possible to do using Contact Form 7.

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  • I added this as a reply to make it clear that there are two issues here.

    Given that there is a syntax that I can’t find that allows the above, now I want to link into the “contact us” page with a specific recipient pre-selected. The 5th grade teacher, Glenn Sonlifter, has a page on the site giving information to parents of his students. He wants to add a “send me an email” link. It would be nice to go to the standard school “Contact Us” page with his name pre-selected in the <select> box (or radio button selection .. doesn’t matter to me).

    I don’t understand clearly about your situation, though, this page might be helpful for you.

    Contact Form 7 1.9.1

    EXCELLENT .. that is exactly what I was looking for.

    Now, for the second half (my first comment on this) .. is there some way to go to the page and have one person pre-selected, but allow the person to change people if they want?

    I have a page on my site with a listing of all 23 teachers. The user should be able to click their name and go to the “contact us” page with that name pre-selected. If they click the first-grade teacher, the first grade teacher would be pre-selected for them. If they click the third-grade teacher, then that teacher would be selected.

    Is there some way to do that?

    ok fine but how to set a proper element if I refer from a different links?

    Entrance from site A —> chosen element 1
    Entrance from site B —> chosen element 2
    Entrance from site C —> chosen element 3

    any ideas?

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