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  • Hey WordPress Crew,
    So I have searched the support forms, and have yet to find a solution to my issue, so here it is.

    I have a form that requires multiple uploads to be attached. A total of 13 fields with files that are under/about 5Mb each. (so a possible total of 65Mb). I know that’s large, but it’s needed for the website. Problem is, when I try to submit a filled out form with all the files, it just hangs and doesn’t submit. On a rare occasion, it says it’s successfully submitted, but I receive no email.

    I know the form works, because it has worked when I have sent files under 1Mb.

    So… to recap:
    Files are not sending if their over 1Mb. I have changed the default 1Mb to be between 3-5Mb depending on the attachment. I have checked my PHPinfo file, and things seem to be okay. Max Uploads are 20, I’m only using 13. Max Upload size is 7Mb, I’m only using 5 or under per file. But what is POST_MAX_Size?

    Here is the form itself.

    and the code:

    <h2 style="text-align: center;">Submit An Exhibition Proposal</h2>
    <h4>Any field with an asterisk ( * ) is required information. All fields with an asterisk must be filled out before submission.</h4>
    <br />
    <h3 class="submissionH3">Your Name *</h3>
        [text* your-name]
    <h3 class="submissionH3">Your Email *</h3>
        [email* your-email]
    <h3>Resume/CV *</h3>
    <h4 class="H4FileTypes"><b>Acceptable files: doc | docx | pdf - Under 5Mb</b></h4>
    <h4>Please attach your CV or Resume to the proposal submission.
    This CV/Resume should list your education and/or exhibition history</h4>
    [file* file-resume id:Resume-CV limit:5242880 filetypes:doc|docx|pdf]
    <h3>List of Works *</h3>
    <h4 class="H4FileTypes"><b>Acceptable files: doc | docx | pdf - Under 5Mb</b></h4>
    <h4>Please attach a list of works indicating the size, date, medium and title of the pieces submitted for this exhibition proposal. Your list of works must coincide with your art work submitted below.</h4>
    [file file-list-of-works id:ListOfWorks limit:5242880 filetypes:doc|docx|pdf]
    <h3>Artist Statement/Proposal *</h3>
    <h4 class="H4FileTypes"><b>Acceptable files: doc | docx | pdf - Under 5Mb</b></h4>
    <h4>Please attach your artist statement and/or proposal for your exhibition submission.</h4>
    [file file-proposal-statement id:ProposalStatement limit:5242880 filetypes:doc|docx|pdf]
    <h3>Art Work *</h3>
    <h4 class="H4FileTypes"><b>Acceptable files: jpg | png | gif - Under 5Mb per piece</b></h4>
    <h4>Please attach seven to ten images of  your art work to accompany your submission.</h4>
    [file* file-artpiece01 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] *
    [file* file-artpiece02 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] *
    [file* file-artpiece03 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] *
    [file* file-artpiece04 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] *
    [file* file-artpiece05 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] *
    [file* file-artpiece06 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] *
    [file* file-artpiece07 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] *
    [file file-artpiece08 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] (Optional)
    [file file-artpiece09 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] (Optional)
    [file file-artpiece10 limit:5242880 filetypes:jpg|jpeg|png|gif] (Optional)
     <h3>Notes or Messages</h3>
    <h4>If you have any notes or messages to leave with the submission, please feel free below:</h4>
        [textarea your-message]
    <h4 class="H4FileTypes"><b>Please note: Submission can take anywhere from a minute to several minutes. It all depends on the file sizes of objects submitted. Please don't close this submission window until you get a green success message below the send button.</b></h4>
    <h3>[submit "Send"]</h3>

    Any advice, or help would be greatly appreciated.

    [No bumping, thank you.]

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