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    checkbox …… 3 choices
    1. iknbdsaciudca
    2. iucnioiuodcsacaaaacdsa
    3. adcassdca

    cf7 database column2 row5 adcassdca

    feature suggested >
    checkbox …… 3 choices
    1. “iknbdsaciudca”=1
    2. “iucnioiuodcsacaaaacdsa”=2
    3. “adcassdca”=3

    cf7 database column2 row5 3

    you can easilly count it with cf7 to database plugin and count feature
    or you can have
    choice one 1.iucandsncioanidncaiosciodsacmdsacmodsacmodsacmoscmaoscmsacacdsacjksancdsaclkdscmdslcnklsancksancdioanciosncmdiocmdsaiocndasiocascosancisoadncjsadncusajdbcdiusancsac

    and than in cf7 database column2 row5 1

    not the whole choice


    column exkurza

    formula exkurza = exkurzia / AT

    exkurzia / AT is a text imput !!!!!!!!!!!
    why ? because contact form 7 doesnt alow to preset database answer

    cf7 : checkbox choice “one” “two” “three”
    in database column choice and row 1 one row 2 two row 3 three
    and than
    count choice=three ????? answer should be 1 but try it yourself

    I recommend cf7 feature

    checkbox choice “one”=1 “two”=2 “three”=3
    in databse column choice row1 1 row2 2 row3 3
    count chouce=3 the answer would be for 99% 1
    because its math and not text imput in the column cell

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