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  • I have just removed the .htaccess file from under wp-content/uploads/wpcf7_captcha and now it is working again.

    This is obvious a new addition with the new plugin release, so please fix it as it must have been added for a reason…

    The plugin has just put the .htaccess file back again automatically! So the site is broken again.

    Please fix as soon as possible.

    Trying to put a blank .htaccess file in there as a placeholder. Hoping it will not be over-written this time.

    If that doesnt work then I will try changing the permission on the file to remove write access.

    Ok – the blank .htaccess file resolved the issue for now at least.

    Are you using Apache? If so, it could be the order directive or just the usage of mod_access (usage of Files is no longer desired and FilesMatch is better for REGEX, etc).

    Try this in your .htaccess instead.

    Order Allow,Deny
    <FilesMatch “^[0-9A-Za-z]+\.(jpeg|gif|png)$”>
    Allow from all

    The author is trying to secure that directory from the server level. Once you have it saved, make sure file permissions are something like 444 so it won’t be overwritten.

    I’m running lightspeed.

    Looking at the release notes for the latest update:

    * Auto-generate .htaccess file in the CAPTCHA’s temporary folder to hide answer files in it.

    And I see 2 other people today say the plugin is now broken. So this needs fixing by the author please.

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Does .htaccess not work on Lightspeed? Anyone know the reason it doesn’t work?

    .htaccess works fine on Lightspeed, I have one in my home dir and one in my wordpress dir working perfectly.

    The issue I assume is one of syntax in the new .htaccess supplied by Contact Form 7 – it’s blocking the browser from accessing and thereby displaying the CAPTCHA images in the target directory.

    Previous versions of Contact Form 7 didn’t have this .htaccess file in this directory (given what I see in my recent backups).

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    It works on Apache perfectly. Is there any limitation of .htaccess syntax on Litespeed? Do you know the documentation about it?

    I may be mistaken but the Apache module involved with these directives is mod_access.

    So you might have to verify everything is working with that.

    I’m just here to add that I have had the same problem and deleting the content of the .htaccess file worked for me, thanks @alex997.

    I am going to wait for an update/ bug fix on Really Simple Captcha before I install the Contact Form 7 update on any of my other sites.

    Something weird has happened. The contact form I have had running for ages has suddenly changed on the accountant site I look after <-click on the link to see.

    It was: Name, Email, Subject, Message, CAPTUCHA, Send
    And is now: Name, Email, Website, Message, Submit

    I havent change anything in the Plugin config or the widget.

    I did upgrade Jetpack plugin the other day, which comes with a new contact form – perhaps this over-wrote something on Contact Form 7?!

    Anyone else running these two plugins together?

    Yeh – deactivating the contact form in Jetpack made the Contact Form 7 reappear. Wonder if I should create a separate post with my last two entries for others that have the same issue?!

    ^ created a new topic:

    Still waiting on a fix for this issue with Lightspeed webservers (assuming that’s what it is)…

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