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[Plugin: Contact Form 7] Not Working

  • I’ve had customers call me to complain that the form is not sending their results. I have used the form before and it worked fine so it’s not a coding issue. After I received 2-3 submissions I have to deactivate and reactivate the form to get it to work.

    I’ve removed the plugin so I can reliably receive correspondence from potential customers without having to wonder whether or not it will work that time and send. Is there any way to resolve this issue or address it? If I use this form should I just plan to deactivate and reactivate it once per day or after a specific number of sends?


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    Have you asked your hosts if they are limiting or blocking emails from the site? I use CF7 on about 6 sites and I’ve not had a problem with it an any of the sites. Some have been using the plugin – without interruption – for a couple of years.

    Yes, I have actually called GoDaddy.com. They said that I could receive a fairly large number of e-mails going through them daily and it has worked before many times, but sporadically it seems like it needs to be deactivated and then reactivated and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. According to GoDaddy.com the limit on e-mails has yet to be reached that I can receive.



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    Aha! Now I’ve come across issues with GoDaddy and email a number of times on these forums. From what I can tell, there is a huge variation in configuration from server to server and, in some cases, these configurations do result in mail from CF7 (or WordPress generally) being blocked.

    I suggest that you go back to GoDaddy and get them to check their mail logs and your site’s error logs. I’ll put good money on the fact they they are the ones blocking CF7.

    Sounds logical. Assuming this is the case, are there any potential solutions you could recommend? GoDaddy is fine with hosting and limited tech support but I doubt they will know how to reconfigure any information to better acclimate toward the CF7 plugin. Is there a way to adjust settings you could suggest?

    I recall similar “outages” happening before. I would deactivate and reactivate and the plugin would appear to work again until the next “outage.” What do you think?

    I will try removing the GoDaddy e-mail address. Maybe that particular mailbox is not responding for some reason. GoDaddy has no idea why it’s not going through and the inbox is not full, so I’m going to see if it will work just sending directly to gmail. com.

    I have called GoDaddy twice and there is nothing wrong on their end from what they can tell me. My mailboxes have lots of room and space and the form is configured correctly and has worked fine before. Is there any way you can help clarify please? I can’t afford to lose any more potential clients who take the time to complete my screening form but then it won’t send after they spent the time to complete it. So…I’ll deactivate the plugin in for now and just post an old-fashioned e-mail link and phone number for now.


    I’m having the same problem with CF7, version 3.3, i have wordpress version 3.4.2 installed. I currently have CF7 installed on 3 of my sites and it’s the same problem on each, i have contacted my host and they say it’s not a problem on there end. When i did a test and tried to send email using CF7, it seems to hang and the email never completes. I then uninstalled CF7 and tried to reinstalled it, it does install and activates but now when i go to the contact page, i get [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]. I have tired using other contact forms but i get the same result.

    More info:

    My installation. WP 3.4.2 CF7 3.3 Message SAYS it’s sent, but it never arrives.

    Only other thing happening here is that my Shopp installation has suddenly begun sending me 200-300 emails at a time over a stupid file descriptor error that developer says has been there all along. Shopp and CF7 updated at same time to latest version.

    Pulling my hair out!



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Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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