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  • I have Contact for 7 here:

    My problem is that emails that come through the site using Contact Form 7 are really delayed. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 65 minutes. The average time seems to be about 35 minutes. I have no idea what’s going on! I use Contact Form 7 on other WordPress sites and the delay is only 5-10 minutes max.

    The weird thing is that I have tried other plugins and hard coding my own email forms and they are all delayed. I don’t think it’s my email, I use Gmail. The site is hosted with GoDaddy but I use Contact Form 7 on other GoDaddy hosted sites without a problem.

    Can you help? I’ve been stuck on this for a week.

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  • Same Problem.

    Totally weird – After about 25 tests I actually got one that came in 1 minute later. It seems totally inconsistent though.

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    It means there was a delay on your mail server temporarily.

    @ivanjunge & rewpacct — are you hosting on GoDaddy by any chance?

    I’ve been having more and more problems with mail going through their servers over the past two weeks.

    I’m on a Linux Ultimate plan at GoDaddy, WordPress 3.0.1, Contact Form 7 version 2.4.3.

    GoDaddy says I need to switch to their “Grid Plan” (no charge for the change/update/upgrade). I’m not buying it though. Mail was working fine until the last two weeks and I started experiencing delays and/or complete blockages.

    Yup, GoDaddy. BTW, I recommend Bluehost to anyone out their who’s shopping around. What the heck is the Grid Plan?

    In the last few days I have not only experienced latency with the delivery of the email via GoDaddy but have started not to receive emails. Multiple calls to GoDaddy and the response to date is the is the issue is on the WordPress side. They do admit that the latency is from form mail queuing on the server, but can’t tell me the time intervals that the server release the mail. That is fine but when I no longer get the emails at all it is much more serious.

    I am experiencing this on multiple sites and with multiple plug-ins – Contact 7 and Custom Contact Forms.

    Changing hosts is always a options. Last time I did that it just got worst.

    How many other are having this issue?

    Yes. I tried different plugins and even hard-coded a PHP mail form. I had similar results with all of them.

    I could change hosts. That would be a pain. But I have clients who are already using GoDaddy to.

    Really GoDaddy? Really?!?

    GoDaddy has a specific ghosting plan called WordPress Hosting – is this the same as their Grid Hosting Plan?

    This latency in email delivery from GoDaddy is getting worst. i just received some generated from my website that took 27.5 hours to be delivered. Is anyone else seeing this type of very slow delivery. I was one thing when it was taking 1 hr but now we are measuring it in days.

    I am having the same problem but with two different hosting companies. One is with GoDaddy, the other is with It is taking at least 12 hours to receive the email, sometimes more. So…I am not sure if it is just GoDaddy. I wish I new more about how this all worked to help narrow down the issue. It is not acceptable for it to take that long.

    Okay…did some testing. The culprit is definitely Godaddy email. I used 2 different email addresses not hosted through Godaddy and I got the email INSTANTLY – like I feel like I got the email the very micro-second I hit the send button. Godaddy takes at least 12 hours to arrive. Wow.

    Godaddy email, hugh? I was having this problem on a Godaddy hosted site sending emails to a Godaddy email and to a Gmail email. I tested them both with similar (slow) results.

    So, personally I am having the most delay from Godaddy email with my Godaddy hosted site. Personally gmail was really fast. So, I called Godaddy and they said, it is totally random if it works quickly or not, he said that I might have gotten lucky that gmail so so fast. Basically it just depends on what relay server Contact Form 7 is using. He suggested that if you can change the form to use the Godaddy relay server it should go much faster. Here is the relay server info he sent me:

    Now…I am not a PHP expert what-so-ever. I haven’t been able to find where I can change the relay server.

    If anyone out there that is having the same problem and is PHP savvy, I’d love to hear if this worked for you and if it did, how did you change it?

    I’m experiencing this problem as well right this moment. — February 5, 2011 @ 6:06 PST.

    I’ve just created a new form, tried to test it out and am not getting any emails from the form. I have had people tell me they’ve submitted info on my form, which I didn’t receive. So, it’s not just delayed emails, but also, lost emails! I use GoDaddy, which otherwise, seems good.

    Feature enhancement 1 — would it be possible to create a configuration in the plugin to use a different email server to route the email? i.e. one that I know is reliable.

    Feature enhancement 2 — If #1 is not possible, have the plugin take the submitted form info, and then send it to the blog as a comment. The comment can come as a user that I set up as moderated so that info will not be seen by the public.

    The objective for either of these enhancements is a way to eliminate the risk from an unreliable email server — i.e. like Godaddy.

    I switched my hosting plan and all my domains from Godaddy to Bluehost. I just did a test on my website. Time from clicking the submit button on the WFCF7 to the email coming into my inbox – 8 seconds!!!

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