[Plugin: Contact Form 7] HTML Tags in Messages not working since 2.8 (2 posts)

  1. thewebscaper
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I just upgraded WP to 2.8 and am going through testing. My Contact Form 7 forms are still working for the most part, but now I have a new issue that did not exist prior to the upgrade to WP 2.8.

    Necessary Background: I had the same problem that lots of people do where when the forms are submitted, the response messages were not able to be seen without scrolling. However, a few days ago I added the [response] tag to the top and bottom of the forms, and it seemed to sort of work; at the very least, putting it at the top meant if someone scrolled to re-submit the form, they'd see the message. (it didn't stop the need to scroll though, unfortunately - unless I want to put the [response] tag smack dab in the middle of my form, which of course I do not want to). The other thing I did to help the issue was insert HTML into the text of the message - to style the text that returned in the green box to be larger and colored so the user would notice it.

    Since the upgrade to 2.8, now my response message does not use the HTML, instead, it displays my HTML tags as text in the message. I can't think of why the upgrade to 2.8 would be affecting this? Any suggestion??


  2. thewebscaper
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I was having problems posting to this forum yesterday, and could not tag this message. I just added the tag for contact form 7, so I'm hoping someone will now see this message and let me know if it's possible to add HTML to the "message" field. Thanks in advance!

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