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  • Hiya, Great plugin! Love it!
    Is it possible to add more than one mail adresses in the To field? I mean where the form is sent to. A CC as it where.

    Hope to hear from someone!

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  • Hi,

    Simply add additional email addresses separated by a comma. Note: If you want the visitor to choose from any of these per select box, you need to add a corresponding “Multiple Recipients” input field above. If no “Multiple Recipients” input field is defined above, the submitted form data will go out to every address listed!


    Shane G.

    What @shame describes, if I understand correctly, is similar I want to achieve. I would like to put in the form a drop-down menu, from which the user selects a subject. And depending on that subject the message would be sent to a distinct email address.

    Has anyone found a straightforward way?

    Thanks in advance,

    use different pages as a drop down in ur wp menu … different forms for different people … taht’s what i’ve done … like a root “contact us” menu .. and under that i have the specific contact pages .. with each contact 7 form being called in each specific page.

    so .. multiple contact7 definitions and multiple wordpress pages which call those contact forms.

    go to /wp-admin/tools.php?page=contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php to define new contact forms

    I need exactly what mikeque needs.

    Here is our answer:

    Thanks to user ‘takayukister’

    can anyone help me get this plugin work so that the user can enter e-mail addresses and it gets sent to these user-defined addresses?



    I’ve been trying to do this as well. I have it setup like this:

    <div id=”referral”>

    <p>Your Name: (Required)
    [text your-name]</p>

    <p>Your Email: (Required)
    [email your-email]</p>


    <center><h3>Enter up to 6 Emails Below</h3></center>

    <div id=”referral-left”>

    <p>[email email1] </p>

    <p>[email email2] </p>

    <p>[email email3] </p>

    <p>[email email4] </p>

    <p>[email email5] </p>


    <div id=”referral-right”>

    <p>[email email6] </p>

    <p>[email email7] </p>

    <p>[email email8] </p>

    <p>[email email9] </p>

    <p>[email email10] </p>


    <div id=”clear”></div>

    <center><p>[submit “Refer Friends”]</p></center>

    However, when I place [email1], [email2], [email3], etc into the To: field, the user has to enter an email in for each field or it does not work.

    I’m also looking to do the same as the gents above.

    Depending on the drop down menu selection, the form should be sent to a different e-mail address.

    Anyone come up with a solution?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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