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  • My form works and email is generated at but I the form no longer verifies required fields and just shows a spinning arrow rather than any type of success message.
    I uninstalled all plugins and that did not resolve it.
    I think it either has to do with the new Flash upgrade or could there be a conflict with super cache?
    I deactivated super cache and rolled back my .htaccess file, but that did not solve the problem. Those are the only changes I’ve made, so I am stumped as to why this isn’t working.
    I strongly suspect the new Flash update may be the culprit.

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    I had the same problem. Pressing ‘send’ on IE7 resulted in a spinning image.

    Here is how I fixed it:

    $url = $url['path'] . (empty($url['query']) ? '' : '?' . $url['query']) . '#' . $unit_tag;
    $url = $url['path'] . (empty($url['query'])) ? '' : '?' . $url['query'] . '#' . $unit_tag;

    They look the same, but pay attention to the parenthesis…

    Hi spungin,
    Thank you very much for the suggestion!
    I copied and pasted the new line of code into the plugin, but that did not resolve this issue. The issue is not just an IE 7 issue, as I can replicate it in Firefox as well. Odd thing is that it worked fine until very recently.
    I did do the new Flash Upgrade in both the IE and Firefox browsers, which is why I thought that might be the culprit.
    Any other suggestions are most appreciated. Thank you!

    Anyone have any ideas on this? I am stumped.

    Broken HTML can make AJAX codes disabled to work. So, you should check your page with HTML validator and fix the all errors first.

    XHTML-CSS Validator


    Thank you very much for your reply. I checked the HTML and CSS and didn’t see any errors that looked like they would cause the problem.

    Because the problem seemed to appear after installing WP SuperCache last week, I just uninstalled WP SuperCache 0.9.3 and now the form properly generates the “Your message was sent successfully. Thanks.” confirmation.

    Are there any known conflicts with with WP Super Cache or any tweaks required to make the two work together?

    It is so popular that I really didn’t think that would be the cause of the problems, but apparently it is.

    Thank you for your responses – much appreciated!!

    Okay, I’ve been racking my brain on this and I almost gave up on cf7. I even made a copy of an exact site that was working and moved it to a new URL (on the same server) and it broke. Then I reinstalled PHP. Then I, then I, then I, then I <insert senseless straw grabbing here>. Nothing but the spinning arrow.

    It’s obviously an AJAX issue, maybe related to a URL/domain setting?

    In any case, my ugly fix (that actually works) is as follows:

    in /wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/contact-form-7.js,

    comment out the document ready function as follows (starting with the top line):

    /* jQuery(document).ready(function() { */
        try {
            jQuery('div.wpcf7 > form').ajaxForm({
                beforeSubmit: wpcf7BeforeSubmit,
                dataType: 'json',
                success: wpcf7ProcessJson
        } catch (e) {
        try {
            jQuery('div.wpcf7 > form').each(function(i, n) {
        } catch (e) {
    /* }); */

    This essentially breaks the background functionality of the AJAX, and forces the form to reload with the appended string like #wpcf7-f5-p523-o1, but at least it works until something better comes along!

    cf7 is hands down the best form plugin out there, else I wouldn’t put so much effort into keeping it installed!

    “col235” nailed it, I began experiencing this issue after my install of WP SuperCache. I simply deactivated WP SC, and the issue ceased.

    I experienced the the “spinning arrow, but nothing happens after submit” syndrome.

    CF7 works fine on another site of mine.

    I disabled all plugins – still no success.

    I have a plugin called “Google XML Sitemaps”. It was installed, but I had not done this step (from the readme file for “Google XML Sitemaps”):

    “2. Use your favorite FTP program to create two files in your WordPress directory (that’s where the wp-config.php is) named sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz and make them writable via CHMOD 666.”

    I did this, and now CF7 works as it should.

    It doesn’t make sense to me, but that is what happened. Any ideas?

    Please, I have a problem with this plug-in too. I installed the contact form plug-in and its working fine but everything seems to be white because of my theme please,how can I place border colours on all the contact fields.

    check out my contact page to see what I’m saying

    please, I need a quick fix.

    princesioni , open your ( and add new class:

    .wpcf7 input { border: 1px solid #999; }

    you can also add on mouse over input field

    .wpcf7 input:hover { border: 1px solid #CCC; }

    Onqu, thanks so much. I added
    .wpcf7 input { border: 1px solid #999; }
    .wpcf7 input:hover { border: 1px solid #CCC; }

    It only affected the single line text boxes and had no effect on the multiple line text area.

    Please, check my site to see what Im saying.
    Thanks for your help.

    So, I don’t have Google XML Sitemaps or Super Cache installed and I still have he spinning arrow. Now what? (About ready to replace CF7.)

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Worked very well.


    Where do you put that new code?


    Just fixed this same issue with spungin’s solution. You will find the code in the includes/classes.php file.

    Good luck!

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