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  • Can you use HTML? I use tables to create my forms. Just make a table with padding and you’ll have a nice looking form and aligin it left.

    I don’t think so because with the Contact Form 7 it just gives you a code in brackets to insert in your post or page.

    Can you send the actual HTML used in your contact form so we can see if it’s something in the code?

    Or… You can wrap the entire code in a DIV.

    <DIV align="left">

    I just tried the DIV code and it didn’t work. Is this what you are looking for as far as HTML code for the form?

    <div class=”wpcf7″ id=”wpcf7-f1-p92-o1″><form action=”/add-an-event/#wpcf7-f1-p92-o1″ method=”post” class=”wpcf7-form”>

    <div style=”display: none;”>
    <input type=”hidden” name=”_wpcf7″ value=”1″ />
    <input type=”hidden” name=”_wpcf7_version” value=”2.2.1″ />
    <input type=”hidden” name=”_wpcf7_unit_tag” value=”wpcf7-f1-p92-o1″ />
    <p>Your Name (required)
    <span class=”wpcf7-form-control-wrap your-name”><input type=”text” name=”your-name” value=”” class=”wpcf7-validates-as-required” size=”40″ /></span> </p>
    <p>Your Email (required)
    <span class=”wpcf7-form-control-wrap your-email”><input type=”text” name=”your-email” value=”” class=”wpcf7-validates-as-email wpcf7-validates-as-required” size=”40″ /></span> </p>
    <p>Event Name:

    <span class=”wpcf7-form-control-wrap event-name”><input type=”text” name=”event-name” value=”” size=”40″ /></span> </p>
    <p>Your Event Details: (Include the name of your event, description, dates)
    <span class=”wpcf7-form-control-wrap your-message”><textarea name=”your-message” cols=”40″ rows=”10″></textarea></span> </p>
    <p>Link to event site:

    <span class=”wpcf7-form-control-wrap Linktosite”><input type=”text” name=”Linktosite” value=”http://” size=”40″ /></span></p>
    <p><input type=”submit” value=”Send” /> <img class=”ajax-loader” style=”visibility: hidden;” alt=”ajax loader” src=”” /></p>
    <div class=”wpcf7-response-output wpcf7-display-none”></div></form>

    When you click on the Contact Form 7 button to edit, is this what you are seeing? (Click the link for an images)

    Yes, although the DIV code is not there. I put that in the actual post. Should I put it there instead?

    Yes, place it like I have it in the image and let me know if that works. If not, there are a few other areas that you can look into. See if this works first.

    Awesome! Glad it worked.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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