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  • Hi,

    I’ve just updated Contact form 7 and Contact Form 7 Database Extension plugins to latest version and now file uploads have stopped working; The upload fields are showing and and seem to function on the form, but any submissions are not showing up and are not getting put into the database. Any ideas why not?

    Since the update I was also getting a load of junk fields being put into the database, but I’ve sorted that after reading a post on – Avoiding “_wpcf7″ Fields.


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  • same issue with me. File uploads broke. The status icon just keeps twirling. Though sometimes the mail goes through, the user just sees the status icon twirling.

    I’ve spent hours trying to sort this without success. Is there a way to go back to previous versions of CF7 and CF7 Database Extension as I really need file upload capability?

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    There is “Other Versions” link in the right sidebar of each plugin pages. You can download older versions there.

    To ignore _wpcf7* fields see

    Thanks for the reply Michael, but if you read my original post you’ll see I’ve already taken care of the _wpfc7* fields issue and included a link to the same post you link to above.

    The major problem that still exists, as per the title of my original post, is that file uploads do not work after installing the latest plugin updates to CF7 and CF7 Database Extension. Do you have any advice to offer on this specific issue?

    At the moment It looks to me like my only option is to reinstall the previous versions of both plugins as that worked fine on my site previously.

    Same problem here.
    Forms with file uploads didn’t work after CF7 last update.

    I detected that forms works if I’m logued in, but if I’m not, It crashes!

    I’ve just downgraded to version of CF7 plugin and file uploads now work again in that they are getting captured in the database via CF7 Database Extension. Note that I didn’t need to downgrade the CF7 Database Extension plugin, just CF7.

    By the way, WARNING, to be able to downgrade you have to delete the existing plugin and this will delete any forms you have created. To make this as painless as possible I just opened a window for each form with each form open in the admin screen. I then did the delete and upload of the CF7 plugin and then simply used cut and paste to recreate each form. One last thing, you will also need to change the shortcode inserted into your posts / pages as the shortcode will have changed.

    I have been frustrated by this same issue for days. However, it seems to work better on my local host than the live site. I get error messages when forms are incomplete instead of just the spinning arrow when submit is clicked on my local host. On the live site, the arrow spins endlessly no matter what is put on a form if it has a photo upload component. As I am a mere WordPress novice, I guess I will just try to downgrade CF7 to 3.02.1 as well. Can anyone point to simple directions for how to do it manually?

    Any chance of an update to fix this problem? I get the files as attachments in the emails, but the fields in the database are blank.

    I haven’t had time to look into this yet. Hopefully I can look at it from the contact-form-7-to-database-extension side this weekend.

    Looks like the latest upgrade of Contact Form today fixed my problems for the photo upload issues and confirmations/errors messages are now working. Many thanks!!

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    As far as I know, the latest update of Contact Form 7 (v3.1.1) doesn’t have any fix relating to this issue.

    Yes…definitely problem with Contact Form 7 (v3.1.1)….

    uploads not reflecting in database extension plugin..

    Any word on this? I’m about to look really foolish when this doesn’t work.

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