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  • I am using [file FileUpload filetypes:txt|xls|pdf] in the form, in the “file attachements” field I have placed [FileUpload], I can see via FTP that the file has been uploaded to, the permissions for the wpcf7_uploads is 777 (rwx across the board), but when I receive the email message the file is not attached to it.

    Does anyone have any suggesions? I’ve been trolling the forums for a few days now and can’t seem to find a fix.

    Thank you in advance.

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  • I’ve edited the plugin so that the htaccess file allows read access to the directory, commented out the portion of the php file that removes the files after upload, and added the [FileUpload] as a direct link in the body of the email message.

    This is working and allows the recipient to download the file from the server but I would rather have the attachment feature working properly so that I don’t have to manually clean up the upload directory and so that the recipient has a copy of the attachment in their email instead of on my server.

    Suggestions are quite welcome.


    I had the same problem(s).

    Make sure your server is using PHP 5. If it is then I don’t know what the problem is.

    But once I contacted my service provider, had them walk me through how to change to PHP5, it WORKED LIKE A CHARM

    Sidenote: How did you stop the file from auto-deleted? I would love to keep the file in the server just for my records. Where exactly is that code in the plug-in and what do I change it to stop it from being erased?

    Also, do you know how to change the default upload (but just for Contact 7). Like I want to put all my submissions in one folder (called submissions). Do you know where the code is for that as well? And what to change it to.


    Thank you for the tip. I’ll try that out.

    The auto delete feature can be disabled by commenting out the contents of the wpcf7_cleanup_upload_files function in the contact-form-7/modules/file.php.

    Not sure about how to change the default upload location. There is a section in that same file that starts with the comment /* File uploading functions */ but I didn’t see anything that jumped out at me.

    Good luck and thanks for the PHP5 suggestion.


    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I tried to comment out that entire section:

    /*function wpcf7_cleanup_upload_files() {
    	$dir = trailingslashit( wpcf7_upload_tmp_dir() );
    	if ( ! is_dir( $dir ) )
    		return false;
    	if ( ! is_readable( $dir ) )
    		return false;
    	if ( ! is_writable( $dir ) )
    		return false;
    	if ( $handle = @opendir( $dir ) ) {
    		while ( false !== ( $file = readdir( $handle ) ) ) {
    			if ( $file == "." || $file == ".." || $file == ".htaccess" )
    			$stat = stat( $dir . $file );
    			if ( $stat['mtime'] + 60 < time() ) // 60 secs
    				@unlink( $dir . $file );
    		closedir( $handle );
    if ( ! is_admin() && 'GET' == $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] )

    But nothing seems to work. I can’t find the uploaded file in the wpcf7_uploads folder. I think once you upgrade to PHP 5, it breaks that functionality (ability to delete that functionality).

    I also changed the dir thinking it would allow me to change location of uploads:

    function wpcf7_upload_tmp_dir() {
    	if ( defined( 'WPCF7_UPLOADS_TMP_DIR' ) )
    		return WPCF7_UPLOADS_TMP_DIR;
    		return wpcf7_upload_dir( 'dir' ) . '/submissions';

    It used to say:

    return wpcf7_upload_dir( 'dir' ) . '/wpcf7_uploads';

    But nothing seems to work. The files still delete… to be honest I never even see the files in the temp folder (I used to be able to see them for about 60 secs)…

    Let me know when try using PHP 5; maybe PHP 5 has a built-in email work around that doesn’t need a temp folder to hold attachments.

    Not sure about the upload folder issue since I haven’t fiddled with that at all really.

    When I commented out the cleanup part I only commented what was within the curly brackets…basically leaving the function essentially empty of statements but still defined.

    function wpcf7_cleanup_upload_files() {

    I’ll definitely post what I discover if/when I upgrade to PHP5.

    Yea I just tried your edit, and still no success, I am convinced that its a PHP 5 issue…

    Let me know if/when you prove me wrong…

    Allready a solution for this issue? I’m in the same position, I really would like to see the uploaded files on the server.

    I’d like to be able to keep those files too. The commenting out did not work for me.

    The plugin keeps creating a .htaccess file in the wpcf7_uploads directory with the content:

    Deny from all

    Would that contribute to the files not being saved problem?

    BTW CTF7 does send out the email with the file as an attachment, so I know it’s actually being uploaded to the server.

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