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  • I have been using contact form 7 for about 2 months and everything was working fine. Suddenly all my forms have started showing this error message: “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.”

    I have tried updating the plugin, uninstalling and then reinstalling a fresh version… but nothing seems to be helping. I also tried changing the send to email address.

    Nothing has changed on the site, so I can’t seem to figure out what would suddenly cause this error! Help!

    (pages with forms: Contact, Wholesale, & Say What)

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  • Can you replicate the problem using the Twenty Eleven theme with all other plugins deactivated?

    I haven’t tried.

    This WP instillation is an e-commerce solution, so using the Twenty Eleven theme and no other plugins would basically take away the point of the site. I assume the issue is not theme or plugin based, because forms were working for over two months without a hiccup. This just came out of no where.

    I’m sorry but this is the start of the most basic troubleshooting. In effect, it’s a process of elimination and both the theme & other plugins are high up on the list of possible culprits.

    I understand that technique. Unfortunately the site requires both the theme and the plugin.

    Again, my biggest concern is that there have been no changes to the site, hosting, plugins, emails, etc. So why it just stopped suddenly working shows that the theme and other plugins were not causing this error. They were ALL working without an issue.

    It’s possible something has changed on your server. Have you asked your hosts if anything has changed recently?

    Indeed, like a mentioned above: “there have been no changes to the site, hosting, plugins, emails, etc.”

    Then I’m sorry but I’m all out of suggestions.

    Hi, I get the same error message when the form is filled out using my Android phone. Some customers have also reported getting the error on their Mac machines. Maybe you changed the platform in the last 2 months?
    I would like to know why this form doesn’t work on these alternate platforms!

    Ok, I just found the answer by googling. See this page:

    Hope this helps you out as well.

    This recently happened to me after an update to the plugin. When I went into the settings, I noticed that the forms I circled in this screenshot were all blank. I had to manually put the appropriate coding/information back in. That seems to have fixed the problem for me.

    Thanks, thedrewseum! I’ve spent hours on various forums looking for the solution, finding many that didn’t quite do it for me. Yours took care of my problem in just a minute.

    Can you please send me a tips step by step on how to fix this error sending for contact form

    Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.

    I was coming across this same error on one of the sites I manage for my clients. Morandan’s suggestion, via the link, helped me locate my issue.

    The reason I was getting this error was due to having multiple to: emails configured incorrectly. I initially had: “;” in the To: line of the mail section. This is incorrect as the semicolon is not recognized by the plugin script. I changed the semicolon to a comma and my error no longer occurs.

    I hope this helps others as well.



    I removed the askimet tag from the name and email address and the contact form started working for me again.

    For reference:
    * See the TAG section and select name or email. You will see a checkbox for Askimet. This prevented the form from sending in my case.

    I’d like to bring this back up because I see this error message after hitting submit, but I’d like to ask how do we setup Contact Form 7 and CFDB if we only want to recover DB information and not send out any e-mails.

    Is that possible? So basically I am using CF7 and CFDB plug-ins but on my form I just want them to submit and keep the data on the DB, no e-mail is needed but after hitting send I still see the error.

    Thank you in advance – any help or advice will be much obliged.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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