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  • I tried to follow the appropriate steps to check for html errors, etc @ I do not have the skills to diagnose the errors – really just looking for a contact form that will ‘plug n play’.

    I’m getting the “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”
    Wordpress IS sending me email when someone comments if that knowledge is necessary.

    Page in question is :

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  • I also has this problem. I have given the email ID in the field just below the mail field. I am only getting one blank mail when I tested the form..What has to be done ..? Or the admin gets the mail..?

    bump – there are several threads on this if you search and no one has an answer??

    People, what’s the point of having a SUPPORT FORUM if no one is willing to help here? Is there simply no traffic to this site? I’ve been trying to figure this out for a week.
    I downloaded the WP-Mail plugin and was able to send out test emails with it (bool = true) Yet I still get the RED BOX around the Contact 7 form when trying to send an email.

    What in God’s name can I do to troubleshoot this. I see that it’s working fine for some people…that’s great! I have read the FAQ, watched the video, and read the internet from cover to cover to figure this out, which I have not.

    Eagerly awaiting ZERO responses, thanks.



    I found that my problem was caused by having multiple email addresses in the “To” area. Not sure the proper way to code it for multiple addresses.

    Are you on a Windows server? Seems like this plugin need php mail function to work and I don’t think it’s that way with a Windows server 🙁

    I think you’ll have to use SMTP if you’re using WP and CF7 on Windows servers.

    If you have multiple addresses in the To field, put commas between them. If you use semi-colons, that will throw up this error.

    There are several plugins based on Contact Form 7 (Contact Form 8, and the cooler MM Forms), but they all have the problem which appears to be caused by being on Windows Servers, which is that PHP’s mail function doesn’t work.WP-Mail-SMTP plugin will use SMTP instead, but SMTP servers seem very particular about the header structure of the email (due to spammers, no doubt), and will reject malformed email without much advice.

    So, I’ve almost chased down the problem, but not solved it: currently the mail appears to send, but the smtp server (at Godaddy, I believe) is rejecting the mail saying the domain is not recognized; Which is false because even a gmail address would not work. So now I’m looking up email header info to try to force the CF7, CF8 or MM Forms to work. BTW, the test email from WP-Mail_SMTP DOES work… go figure.

    OK, here’s the missing link (for me, anyway)…

    You can read this article:

    The key for me, was that the email address in the email header (set in CF 7, 8 or MM Forms) has to match the email address set in WP-Mail_SMTP… AND that has to match an existing email address at Godaddy!

    So: At Godady I set up an email “info@<yourdomainhere>.com” then set it up to CC: the three people I want to get the email (in the ‘Advanced’ tab).

    I went back to WordPress and set that email in the WP-Mail_SMTP settings

    I went into the MM Forms setup and, on the second tab, I set the TO: field to the same email address. (in CF 7,8 this is in the lower-left pane.)

    Hope that helps!

    I’m on HostGator and I believe the issue is related to Windows server. I couldn’t find any “advanced” tab on both CF 7 or WP-Mail-SMTP.

    the test works but nothing changes on CF7… same error message

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