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  • Hello, I just installed and configured contact form 7. I am using gmail and performed the test from the admin console and getting emails just fine. However when I drop the default form into my contact page and submit I do not get any emails. I get the green box that suggests everything went through fine but no emails.

    Thank you,


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  • To find the root cause, you may need to check the email logs. If your web site is hosted on shared hosting server, you can update your host to check the email logs.

    I’m having a very similar problem. No matter how many times I change the To: email address or delete all the files and re-installI can’t seem to get the contact form to mail to any other address bar the gmail address I first tested on it.

    Any ideas?!

    Hey Kailash1, thanks for the response. Do you know where I check these email logs?


    you need to check your log files on your server via SSH … if you use apache, this is roughly the path: tail/usr/local/psa/var/log/mailog


    OK, I appear to be having the same issue as Steven since upgrading to version 2.0.2 of Contact Form 7 and WordPress 2.8.4 (or at least I hope its only been that long!)

    The form says it is working correctly, however no email is ever delivered.

    On another site, using version 2.0.1 and WordPress 2.8.2 it works totally as expected.



    Im having the same problems here on a Dreamhost account.

    What are we looking for in these Log files?


    I’m running 2.8.4 and reverted the plugin to 2.0.1 and no luck. Test works fine though.

    i have the same problem too here with shared hosting account
    nothing delivered to Gmail e-mail account ?
    any help ?

    I´m having the same problem. How can I check the log files?

    I’ve been having the same problem with form mail on a Dreamhost account. I’ve been trying to track down why for several days and I think I’ve found the solution. It isn’t an ISP problem, it is a change/fix in WordPress. In earlier versions of WordPress, the General Settings required your e-mail address with your name. No matter how I typed it in, it would reformat it as me@mydomainMyName. My error logs showed that mail was being sent to that address but because MyName was tacked on to the domain name, it was treated as in invalid address, naturally. As an experiment, I tried removing the MyName part again and this time it stuck so just my e-mail address is there. I am now receiving all my form mail! Be sure to check any plugins you have that used the old form of the admin address and delete the MyName part.

    @stevenleija It depends on server configuration. You will need the root access of the server to check the logs. If your site is hosted on shared server, you will need to contact your host to check the logs.


    Im having the same problem. My site is
    First, Im not sure how to “test” the form. I set it up and did all custom fields. I did add CAPTCHA but deleted it soon after, it did not look very professional. I added the form to my site. When I fill out the form I get “send successfull” but I never get anything in my email from the form. I am on a fairly new WP account as I recently moved all my site info over. I dont belive it would be anything with an old plugin.
    Any suggestions???

    Hey Guys, I finally got this working. I’m not sure if it’s a wordpress bug or a plugin form bug. I host my own website and I also have my email setup according to my domain name versus

    Well after hours of playing with the configuration I tested using my personal email to do the smtp authentication and submit my emails via the gmail servers. This worked. The only problem was that all the emails were being sent to me from my personal email address and from the default form configuration you don’t get the email address submitted. So I simply added the entered email into the message body.

    I’d like to include other headers but wasn’t really sure how to get the other headers using the pseudo code for additional parameters.

    Plugins Used:
    Configure SMTP v2.6
    Contact Form 7 v2.0.2

    stevenleija – thanks a million I was also gettign no emails from wordpress 2.8.4.

    I installed Configure SMTP v2.6 (and did not configure any settings at all) – and it worked straight away!

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