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  • nikriviera


    hi guys. i have installed the Contact Form 7 plugin, and all is working fine, except that the submission only seems to work with my @gmail address.

    if i put a gmail address in the submission comes through fine, but if i use any of my domain addresses nothing comes through. im on a 1&1 account, with spam filtering switched off. any thoughts?? the weird thing is if its configured to send to it gets delivered to the inbox (which makes me think its not *really* a spam issue).

    any thoughts??!? thanks!

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  • paracleteweb


    same problem here, wierd

    It is same for my new website work 🙁 I have tried with gmail, it works fine, but when I changed receiver e-mail address in any other corporate e-mail address, there is nothing recieved 🙁 How can I fix this?

    For what its worth, I’m using latest version of WP and CF7 and I have installations on one server that work fine, but then I have an installation on a different server from another host and this one has this problem. So as best I can tell this is a server configuration issue, but haven’t a clue how to fix it. Nothing in the error logs etc. Temporary fix is forwarding gmail to corporate account, but seems bogus long term

    Yes- I’m having the same problem, although it never would have occurred to me to check sending mail to a gmail account instead of our private server. I’ld love some insight if someone learns more.

    It had been working until a month ago, don’t remember making any changes but I could be wrong.

    I was able to get things working with as suggested in another thread, but its a bit of a hack.

    Mark Margetts-Smith


    My WP plug-in is suddenly not working. Everything was fine up until the last contact message on September 27th. There has been nothing since I received an indirect message informing me that we had not responded to a contact form sent to us. Have there been any updates between now and the 27th September?

    It does seem to be about sending messages to email accounts which is a little crazy. I like this plug-in but if this can’t be resolved then I’ll have to dump it.

    Having some problem and have been struggling for days trying to get contact form to submit to a domain name email address. It submits to an yahoo email address just fine. This problem started when I switch to VPS. Please help. What is wrong? Why is it that when PHP sends mail, it does not go through to domain name email addresses. But when I send mail via my email client, it goes to domain name email addressses fine?

    Might want to contact your host. Espeially if it was after a move. Could be port is blocked; grey listing; gateway’s blocked.
    Also check if system messages like passwords are sent. Is it a CF7 issue or server/host issue?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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