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  • Hi I found that when I added a [checkbox] field in my contact form it wrap the entire code in a <p> tag.

    So when I tried to apply style to the form it was conflicting (a little bit) with the un-stylized p-tag.

    Although I just added some padding to below item. I wonder why this implemented?

    [checkbox checkbox-462 use_label_element "Search Engine" "Social Media (Twitter)" "Trade Show" "In a Cafe"]

    This markup out puts to this in the site

    ‘<p><span class=”wpcf7-form-control-wrap checkbox-462″><span class=”wpcf7-checkbox”><span class=”wpcf7-list-item”><label><input type=”checkbox” value=”Search Engine” name=”checkbox-462[]”> <span class=”wpcf7-list-item-label”>Search Engine</span></label></span><span class=”wpcf7-list-item”><label><input type=”checkbox” value=”Social Media (Twitter)” name=”checkbox-462[]”> <span class=”wpcf7-list-item-label”>Social Media (Twitter)</span></label></span><span class=”wpcf7-list-item”><label><input type=”checkbox” value=”Trade Show” name=”checkbox-462[]”> <span class=”wpcf7-list-item-label”>Trade Show</span></label></span><span class=”wpcf7-list-item”><label><input type=”checkbox” value=”In a Cafe” name=”checkbox-462[]”> <span class=”wpcf7-list-item-label”>In a Cafe</span></label></span></span></span></p>’

    And while I can alter the style inside the p tag. I can’t alter the p tag itself?


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