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  • Hello All,

    CF7 is a great plugin and I have used it successfully on 5 or 6 sites all on Bluehost. At present I have a site on which it was working perfectly and now is giving me the dreaded ‘Failed to send your message”. This site is hosted on Linux/Apache. Emails that I send from outside WP(Gmail) to the addresses I have set up for the site are recieved, so I know Bluehost email server is functioning.

    Question: Why would it stop and what should I look for in the WP environment that could have changed?

    I know that the site admin started using Akismet recently and I thought this might be the problem so I deactivated Akismet and still cannot send mail. I have uninstalled and reinstalled/activated CF7 again with original sucessful form settings and it still does not work.

    Is there a way for me to determine if WP is sending mails successfully from outside CF7? I’m not sure how to check this. I have read and installed/tried the WP-Mail SMTP plugin and the Configure-SMTP plugin with no success or visible changes.

    What I’m asking then is really for some suggestions or ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem. I know CF7 is a great plugin and it WAS working. I just don’t know enough about email issue in WP to troubleshoot it. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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  • While waiting for any responses I uninstalled CF7 and installed the Enhanced-wordpress-contact-form

    Upon first try I got this error and I bet it’s the root of all my troubles but I don’t know what it means and what to do next. I see that the mail plugin is not liking the presence of Akismet which is deactivated. What else might I do to make Akismet healthy?

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function akismet_http_post() in /home3/connedk4/public_html/jaredtendlerpoker/wp-content/plugins/enhanced-wordpress-contactform/wp-contactform.php on line 125

    Any suggestions? Thanks very much for any help?

    Update: I activated Akismet and the Enhanced-wordpress-contact-form DID send mail successfully and quickly. I prefer to use CF7 because it allows more control and advanced behaviors but while waiting to see if I get any responses to the above posts I will use this plugin. I would still appreciate any responses to the above posts and that you for your time.

    You should contact your server admin.. See more info on cf7 error messages:


    @freelance webmasters… You must not have read my earlier posts. I didn’t just fire up Codex forums at the first sign of trouble and ask for help. I’ve read Takayuki Miyoshi’s site front to back several times, searched this forum for answers to MY questions comprehensively as well as the web in general, back to where the age of the questions/answers is no longer relevant. If you are interested in being helpful think about your response next time. The one above is useless.

    So what is your problem then?

    Problem Update:

    • Enhanced-wordpress-contact-form

    functions correctly with Akismet. (I suspect that this is because this plugin uses it’s own mail server function and not the one wp uses from functions.php)

  • Simple Press Forums 4.1.3 does not allow new members to register because it fails on emailing problem (The e-mail could not be sent.Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function…)
  • Contact Form7 does not work either.
  • I have installed WP-Mail SMTP plugin and called my ISP (Bluehost)to verify that there are no problems with the mail server (had tech support examine log traffic)and that I am using correct SMTP settings. I’ve tried using those to connect and send test email. This fails with the following SMTP Debugging output:

    SMTP -> FROM SERVER: ESMTP Exim 4.69 #1 Tue, 29 Mar 2011 07:03:52 -0600
    220-We do not authorize the use of this system to transport unsolicited,
    220 and/or bulk e-mail.
    SMTP -> FROM SERVER: Hello []
    250-SIZE 52428800
    250 HELP
    250 OK
    SMTP -> FROM SERVER: ( [] is currently not
    550 permitted to relay through this server.
    SMTP -> ERROR: RCPT not accepted from server: ( [] is currently not
    550 permitted to relay through this server.
    250 Reset OK

    To anyone who might be able to help: How do I troubleshoot this problem? The forum the client is using cannot register new members and I cannot use ContactForm7 or send mail from this site except the contact form that uses Enhanced-wordpress-contact-form with it’s own custom mail functions. REally all I need are some suggestions about how one might go anout solving a problem like this. I am pretty much out of ideas. Thanks in advance to any positive suggestions.

Help me please, I have this text, when i pushed send button
“Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”
I am trying all day, but nothing works. I dont know what to do.
Thank you, sorry my English

I get this same error, framed in red, whenever someone tries to enter a gmail or yahoo address in the email field. All other addresses seem to work fine, although I suspect hotmail addresses would generate the same error message. My server, GoDaddy, says it’s “something in the script,” that the limitation does not originate with the server. I can’t find any reference to “gmail” or “yahoo” in any of the css or php files. Nor do i find any reference to this problem anywhere I’ve looked. Any clues, anyone?

I think in this case, better to switch on plugin with owner, who created it and can rely explane what going on and help.

If you are interested in being helpful think about your response next time. The one above is useless.

chrisboggs, help here is free. Even if you didn’t find it useful, if you are the one seeking for assistance, any answer, even an irrelevant one, should be appreciated.

There are a few suggestions I have. First, BlueHost requires SMTP Authentication. Make sure your form is using SMTP Authentication and verifying with a full email address and the password for that email address.

The above-mentioned full email address *must* be one which you created in your Email Accounts icon in your BlueHost account. If you try using a gmail address, or any other address which is not actually listed on your BlueHost account, it will not work.

The above-mentioned email address must also be defined in a from header. Double-check your settings and configuration according to these things. Also make sure your host is defined as: localhost

I agree that the tone of my response was ill-considered. I should not have let it bother me and I apologize to my fellow forum members. In the future when I recieve an insulting response, one telling me to do something I obviously have or would have already done to get to this point (basically a careless accusation of not having done the expected legwork on my own problem) I will just leave it alone so as not to offend anyone’s sensiblities.

The last response from bh_WP_fan was an honest effort to help. I had already made sure that all those criterion were met several hours after I discovered the problem so I know the advice was sound.

Still having the problem. Basically, I have a WordPress install that will not mail out or in except for one Contact Form using the Enhanced WP-ContactForm which I understand uses some different code to reach the mail server or perhaps contains it’s own mail server. I don’t know much about mail servers.

Assuming that I have tried:

  • The advice given above.
  • Both SMTP and PHP mail() to send emails unsuccessfully
  • The WP-Mail-SMTP Plugin to use variations of SMTP with different ports and authentication turned off and on with correct, tested passwords
  • Spoken with Bluehost tech support and been told that their mail server is functioning correctly.
  • Reviewed Server error logs for any insights.
  • Turned off all plugins, including removing shortcode references to them

I have been unable to connect to the mail server successfully from wordpress and I am looking for troubleshooting suggestions, not listed here, that I might use to solve the problem. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hi Guys,

My first bet is that the host has disabled the mail server or something. But I am not sure coz coming from a bluehost server, I have not encountered any problem like this one before.

And lately, since WP 3.0, I find contact form 7 acting weird, so I disabled it.

So my last solution is to switch to mm-forms:

They are similar in both ways except that mmforms have a list where you can view all the submitted inputs. It has a redirect too but in paid version.

Anyway, i recommend switching to this mmforms. And its easy to transfer. Just copy from contact form 7 and paste it to mm-forms. It would work the same like before. 🙂

I just re-installed Contact Form 7 and managed to get it working. I will list my settings, which are very basic, and add perhaps a few comments with them in case you want to try the same setup and see what happens.

I left the form as it is by default.

In the Mail section I put the following information:

Again, make sure this is a real email address and that it exists in your cPanel Email Accounts icon.

From: Test <>
Make sure that the Name is *not* the same thing as the email address itself, eg., <> should not be used.

Subject: Test

And that was pretty much it. No other changes. I used my form, entered the data, and clicked send… moments later I got the form results.

I have never had such an issue with any plug in – I am in desperate need of help please…..I have Contact Form 7 on one site and it works great but I cannot get it to work on a site that I am building out for a Marine Corp group – a few things to mention –

My site and their site are both hosted at GoDaddy but under different accounts –

on – I can get the form installed and it looks good but it will not send the info from a visitor – keeps showing the red box saying to contact another way – I am pretty sure that I have everything set up right – I have contacted GoDaddy and they are not really sure how to help or what to look at….

Please help – Thank you in advance.


Ok between GoDaddy and I we have figured out a difference between the 5 sites that I could get the Contact Form 7 form to work on the and the one I could not –

On the five sites that it works on it has the “Linux” brainpower and on the one site that the plug in does not work on it has the ” WordPress” brainpower – we are switching it over to Linux and hoping that solves the issue.

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