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  • Hello,

    I have an issue that I’ve been trying to solve for a few days now.

    I “migrated” my website from my server to localhost in order to do some testing.

    I took all the files, and a dump of the db, and installed wp on wamp. Everything is working fine except this wpcf7 pluggin.

    I was using the previous version of wpcf7 so I tried to update, but it did not help. I tried deactivating every other pluggin but it did not help. I tried to put default theme, it did not help either.

    I can access the pluggin settings page, but when I select a form (that comes from my db, the ones I have on my live website) then I have an error again : net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET)

    I cant figure out where it comes from. Not even reinstalling the pluggin will work : I deleted everything concerning wpcf7 on my install, and redownloaded it from the “get pluggin” menu on WP. It went fine until I tried to create a new form. When I hit “save” then the err101 came back. And there is no sign of any table wpcf7 on my database : it did not recreate it, I dont know why. What’s weird is that the default form now has the name I put to the form I wanted to create. So I dont get how this information could be saved withotu any data in my DB.

    Anyway, if you need more information in order to help me, I’d be pleased to answer…

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    What version of WordPress and Contact Form 7 do you use?


    I’m using WP 3.3.1 and WPCF7 3.1.2

    It looks like there is something wrong with the code i’m trying to put in the form. If I create the default form, it’s actually working. But when I put the code I take from my live website, it crashes. Even though it’s working well on my website.

    The code is the following :

    I’m not too familiar with WPCF7 code rules but I guess if it’s working live, it hsould be working on localhost :/

    thank you for your answer

    Editing for one more question : Once I get this working, I saw that there is a new way to insert the code. The old way was : [contact-form 1 “Form 1”]

    The new way adds an ID. If I want my code to work on both my live and local sites, I need to have the same ID’s… How can I choose/change the ID ? What’s the rules for generating the ID ?

    I updated the pluggin version so I’m now using the last one which is 3.2 I believe.

    There is something wrong with the length of the options. I’m now quite sure the error comes from the drop-down menu. If I put only a few countries, it works, if I put them all, it bugs. If I put USA a thousand times then it bugs as well, so it’s not coming from any weird char problem.

    Is there a limit on how many options u can put in the drop down menu ?

    Also, it is really weird because the exact same list works on my live website, but not on my local one. I dont know how to explain this either. And I dont want to try anything on the live website since I realize I could loose my whole form…

    Anyway, I hope you can help me on that !

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Is there a limit on how many options u can put in the drop down menu ?


    Check your PHP settings.

    I changed those settings alreayd in order to be able to import my large db on phpmyadmin. The values are high enough.

    Btw, I dont see any wpcf7 table in my db, is that normal ? The installation did not create any table..

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    It’s normal. Current version stores the data into wp_posts table as Custom Post Types.

    I see, I’ll check a little bit into that soon.

    In the meantime, you have no other lead for me on why a certain list of option would work online, but not on a localhost installation ?

    thank you anyway for your answers, it’s helping me!

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Try debug mode. You can check PHP error logs as well.

    Debug mode and PHP errors log do not give me anything 🙁 error log is empty, and with debug mode ON, it still gives me err101, it does not catch any error.

    I tried updating by myself the db entries, but the new datas do not change in WP administration panel… I’m puzzled here

    The bug really comes from the number of option, not the data limitation : if I put 10 options of 1000 characters each it works, if I put 1000 options of 3 characters each, it crashes.

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