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[Resolved] [Plugin: Contact Form 7 BWP reCAPTCHA Extension] Code Copy without Referring to the source

  • Hi,

    I developed the original “Contact Form 7 reCAPTCHA Extension” you copied.

    It would have been nice of you if you have asked for a feature or send a message with a bug report. At least you could use your own names for variables, classes, own texts and own pictures in your description of the plugin. Your behavior shows me that you have no idea how to write proper php code or good wordpress plugins. It would also have been nice if you have mentioned the source of all the things you have copied.

    I really am open for critics, hints and feature requests. But what you have done is not nice.

    Kind regards



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  • Plugin Author manfer


    Do you know what is GPL? You should consider reading that license and if you don’t like it just license your code with something different. Your plugin is already based on other one or so it shows in its readme file so I don’t know how much code is yours or others but I don’t care, I think I respected the part that says is based on a CF7 module if at the end I deleted that was not on purpose on trying to claim any code as mine.

    I did this plugin because I needed it for a project so as I had done the necessary changes to use BWP recaptcha I just shared it to the public for anyone that wanted to use it too. Your project use WP-recaptcha, this one uses BWP-recaptcha and I think makes no sense to mix both.

    And before criticism anyones knowledge I can tell you just this. If on first place your code wasn’t triggering errors I wouldn’t be in the need to waste my time to code an alternative. Really most of the code is totally unneeded and I could do the plugin much simpler but as that part of the code was already done I used it. Seeing you are so concerned about your GPL code that seems you only develop with that license probably because you are forced by wordpress plugin development policies I’m going to consider changing the code to use nothing from you to respect your non-GPL wishes.

    And why did’t you asked for a feature request to WP-recaptcha instead of coding your plugin? Or to CF7? because if mantained having the module as part of CF7 is not a problem. Why I should ask you for a feature request and not to BWP-recaptcha for example? …

    In the moment this problem came into my hands I decided to solve it writing the necessary changes to make a plugin working with BWP-recaptcha, no more no less.



    it seems as if I know the GPL as well as you do. 😉 But don’t let us go into details here. I was a little pissed because you used all my structure, texts and all the pictures without even mentioning.

    I needed this plugin for some projects too. That’s why I created it from the original module. So I think I know what you have been through. 🙂 I created a new version that can handle both plugins. I used, according to the GPL, some code of yours. I mentioned you in the release information. Hope that is ok.

    Please understand my criticism as I am willing to get yours. I know that the code is not perfect but as you can see in the discussion, I am more than willing to fix stuff. It would have been no problem to contact me even via email instead of wasting your time. 😉 Please feel free to change your code or send me some feedback on mine.

    BTW: when I use the bwp-recaptcha plugin instead of the wp-recaptcha plugin there is a wird URL on the top of the forms. Do you have the same problem? I think it comes out of the bwp plugin but I am not really sure.

    Back to your message: Before I started with the plugin I used the CF7 module on several projects. But because it was not within CF7 but had to be copied manually I had to consider it with each new version of CF7 on several projects. I wouldn’t waste so much time any longer so I decided to create a plugin. I thought that it is not a feature of wp-recaptcha because they maintain the recaptcha interface itself. The CF7 guy did not respond to my requests. Some time later he stopped maintaining the module at all. That’s the story. 🙂

    Sure, you don’t have to ask me for a feature request. But I am not sure if the BWP guys want to maintain code for interaction with each and every plugin out there. What they have done, they have done quite well. Have you asked them for that feature? What was their reaction?

    So I see you are just a guy in need as I was and am. Don’t let the criticism ruin our Christmas (or whatever important thing you are celebrating) Holiday.

    You are more than welcome to contact me. I wish you all the best and stay with kind regards


    Plugin Author manfer


    Sorry, I wouldn’t mind to add any attribution that I could have forgotten but in the terms you have asked it on your first message is not something I’m going to accept.

    I have made a total rewrite of the plugin to stop using your abstract class. Obviously the code is going still to be similar but it is not using any more than CF7 API, WP API (being most of the code WP Settings API) and BWP recaptcha at the output. I changed the screenshots either. Even being released as GPL I don’t want to use anyone’s code if he don’t want to.

    If you think there is still any problem with the code feel free to continue this issue or mark it as solved.

    I will mark this as solved at the beggining of new year if there is not any new reply.

    About using my code feel totally free to use it.


    I think the issue can and should be closed.

    Kind regards


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