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  • I am using contact form 7 plugin and it works great in both English and Japanese for me. Thanks for the great plugin.

    I am using this as (surprise) a contact form on my website. One thing I have discovered is that people often enter their email address incorrectly. I even heard later that one guy got upset because I never contacted him. However, I had no way of doing so because of his error – which he was totally unaware of. Many sites have a confirmation field and show an error if the user does not enter the same email address twice. Any way to implement this in CF7?

    Ray Mercer

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  • Yes this would be nice or a check that the email is valid or a value that the email adres must have.

    I know that it is commonly-used way for confirmation of user typing, but I don’t think it is effective as people believe. There is a data in Japan which shows that more than fifty percent of online users use “Copy and Paste” for entering the second field. You know Japanese? If so, check this CNET Japan article.

    So, I don’t have any plan for implementing it in Contact Form 7. But if there is other data which proves the effectiveness of it, please let me know that. I may think it again.

    What about the “less than 50%” who do use it to verify that they’ve entered their email address correctly … so they do get a reply. ?

    Yes I’d also like to see this feature takauyukister. If you’re not interested in it personally perhaps you could determine a US Dollar amount for which it could be done and we could come to an agreement.

    Thanks for a great plug-in!


    Hi Takayukister-san,
    よろしくお願いします。Yes, I live and work in Japan and read some Japanese. I also use cut-and-paste to fill in my email sometimes, but even then haveing to fill in the form twice makes me notice it enough to catch a mistake in the address.

    I don’t believe that using cut-and-paste means that a confirmation field is ineffective. I would say that even the 50% who do this catch their mistakes more if there is a confirmation field.

    I know that I’ve already received several mistakenly typed emails and that’s why I would like to have this feature. Thanks again for the great plugin for WP!


    I like this idea too. Incorrectly entered e-mail addresses is a common problem.

    I need a contact us form that visitors can use to send messages in either English or Japanese.

    Currently I am using WP-Contact form but the Japanese mail message ends up as a series of escaped characters like this:


    I have changed the config file

    define ('WPLANG', 'ja');

    so writing regular posts in Japanese is no problem. Just receiving mail.

    My question:
    Does Contact Form 7 work out of the box with send Japanese or does it require some configuration?
    I haven’t uploaded the .po file because for the moment
    I want the interface in English.

    Of course you can send Japanese messages with Contact Form 7. The developer is Japanese.

    # @twd you should open a new topic next time, this topic title is “Any way to add “confirm e-mail adress” textbox?” and your last comment has no relation to it.

    Sorry. My bad.

    I would absolutely like this feature. Can’t even count how many times it’s kept ME from sending a bad email address! And if it checks even close to 50% of the submissions, that’s very helpful.



    Did anyone found a solution?

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