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    I think there was an upgrade recently, right? All emails are now coming from and not from the email addresses entered by the users. I’ve lost the contact information from the people who emailed me while this was going on. I just added [your-email] to the subject and message body as a stopgap measure but that’s not really a solution. What’s up?

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  • touchstoneweimaraners


    Please help! I am having the same problem, but I cannot get the workarounds to work either. I put



    in the message body and it only shows the message, not the other information.

    I also added
    CC: [youremail]

    and nothing showed up in the cc field.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I do have simplepress on my site also.

    Thank you!

    I have gotten so sick of trying to figure a way out of this jam…And then Marceau came around with the brilliant work-around…Thanks!!!!

    Just a side note Add code to “additional headers” section…. I got lost lol:

    Reply-To: [your-email]

    Works like a champ because I had to copy and paste all emails from users to make it work before…. But hopefully this issue “gets fixed” properly for next version…


    People, definitely you have another plug-in overwriting this setting!! Like CoastalData I had mailform plugin installed. I disabled it and it is working! Brilliant. Thanks CoastalData

    Good afternoon. We are running into the same problem of the admin e-mail showing up as the sender. Is there a way to determine what plugin might be overriding the form, or do we have to guess and check? We’ve turned off every plugin that we can find that touches mail – and still no success. We’re running this plug-in in WPMU version 2.6.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


    I’m having the same problem as described in this thread.

    The biggest problem is that the developer of this plugin, Contact Form 7, says it’s the other plugin’s fault, while the developer of the plugin that cause this plugin to fail like described here says it’s Contact Form 7’s fault.

    So nobody wants to fix it… 🙁

    Ok, let’s have a look at all our posts to sum up:

    I don’t use ANY of the plugins up there:
    – MailPress
    – mailform
    – simplepress

    Maybe it’s a WP problem ?
    I have noticed that WP now uses PHPMailer Version: 2.0.4: This is new, older releases used 2.02

    Maybe it’s a Windows problem ? I use a windows server to host my blog (yes i know it’s a shame but…) 😉

    I’ve tried to use :
    – Cimy Swift SMTP => same problem
    – WP-Mail-SMTP => same problem
    So i deactivated both.

    My WP version: 2.8.4

    Activated plugins:

    Contact Form 7
    Dagon Design Sitemap Generator
    Donate Plus
    Global Translator
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Joe’s Quotes
    Really Simple CAPTCHA
    Role Manager
    Simple JQuery Lightbox
    Subscribe2 <=maybe it’s this the faulty one ?
    Subscribe To Comments
    Theme My Login
    WordPress Database Backup

    Do we have an activated plugin in common ?


    Folks, i’ve found the faulty plug-in:

    “Theme My Login” 4.2.1

    It is indeed my plugin “Theme My Login”. What I did was apply a filter over all of the site e-mails, instead of just the e-mails sent by the plugin. I guess I wasn’t thinking clearly about conflicting with plugins like Contact Form 7 and such. I will issue a fix (4.2.2) ASAP.

    @jfarthing84 thank you for the information.

    Thanks again jfarthing84: New release of your plugin activated, tested and approved !


    The new CF7 update had broken the emails being sent.
    Now all emails are coming from but they are all blank.

    Thank you. this plugin work for me.

    @digitz the newest version is working on my site and I haven’t recieved any trouble reports of similar kind issues so far. Are you sure any other plugins or server side issue are not related to it?

    Well, for me, the problem was Simple:Press Forum version 4.1.2. The SP Forum email settings were overriding the contact form settings. But you don’t have to uninstall SPF. Just go to the “Options” tab of the forum controls, then “Email settings” and uncheck the box on the right that says “Use the following Email Settings”. Excellent. It doesn’t hurt at all!

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