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    I think there was an upgrade recently, right? All emails are now coming from and not from the email addresses entered by the users. I’ve lost the contact information from the people who emailed me while this was going on. I just added [your-email] to the subject and message body as a stopgap measure but that’s not really a solution. What’s up?

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  • I’m having the same problem, all emails are picking up my admin email address as the sender and not the actual user sending me an email via the contact form?

    I often hear the issues like this. Most of them are caused by other plugin which changes the sender address. For example, MailPress plugin causes this kind of issue. There is no workaround but deactivating one of them.

    I have the same problem, and I don’t have other mail plugins….


    Guys, I found a way to avoid the problem:

    Go to the Settings page of Contact Form 7. In the body form, you have to put this:




    in this way, you will see Name and Email in the body of the mail, without any problem

    Hope to be useful

    thanks snakeeater u rock!

    Dear SnakeEater,

    Not being very clever on this, still cannot work it out. Finally managed to get Contact Form 7 to send emails to me but not receiving any of the content. Please help, nealy lost all my hair.

    luxulyan – This may just be obvious and may not help you but it took me a few minutes to see it. When you are on the “Settings” page for the contact form, the first section is the “Form” section. Below that is the “Mail” section. In the mail section, on the right hand side you will see a text box to enter information for “message body”. In that section enter the following three items:




    I hope that helps!

    i get this problem, as well.

    SnakeEater’s fix is a clever one, and it does work (showing the user’s name and email within the body of the message) but i’d prefer if the user’s name/email address were in the “from” field of their email when it arrived, rather than “admin@…” from my domain.

    is this perhaps a conflict with something? or just a bug i’m not smart enough to know about 🙂

    same problem here… yes, you can get away with it putting that info on the body of the email but that is a away to get away with it – the problem is still there: the From is supposed to have the email of the sender and not the

    This may not fix everyone, but wp-mail uses a filter which can be “hijacked” by any other plugin. I had the same problem and found that the sending (from) email address was being set up by simplepress forum… overriding any other settings for the send address.

    My suggestion is to look at all of your other plugins and see if any of them are in control of the send email address.

    Hope it helps.

    Hahaha, I had this problem too, but I just noticed that I had the “mailfrom” plugin attached, that that’s the only thing that plugin does is to override the from address! Removed it, and all fixed now!

    I’m having the same problem, and given that I have simplepress forum installed I guess that’s the issue, but is there anything I can do about it? I don’t want to uninstall either plugin.

    Madeglobal – do you have any ideas?


    I have the same issue as Brimfulof.

    I have also SimplePress installed, and can’t just disable it.

    Same problem but i don’t use Simple Press so it must be something else…

    Add this to the header:

    CC: [youremail]

    That way you’ll have to “reply to all” instead of reply but it works until this case is resolved…

    Better workaround:

    Add this to the “header”:

    Reply-To [youremail]
    Reply-To: [youremail]
    CC: [youremail]

    Note: (“youremail” or “your-email”, or whatever you use)

    As you will see, if you reply to the email, you reply directly to the good sender (ok your email is still sent from but it’s not really important).

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