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  • Hi there guys,

    i am pretty confused about how akismet integration works. On the contact form 7 website we are advised to test it as follows:
    “Finally, to make sure it works, you can test it by sending “viagra-test-123″ as name of the sender. This test case will always be judged as spam.” The strange thing is that this case works. But if I put only “viagra” as the sender’s name, it passes the akismet filter and the message sends ok. Can someone advise if I am doing something wrong or what? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
    I am using the following form:

    [text* your-name akismet:author id:author]
    [email* your-email akismet:author_email id:email]
    [text* your-subject id:subject]</p>
    [captchar captcha-778 4/4] [captchac captcha-778]
    [textarea* your-message]
    [submit id:submit ” “]

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  • I also tried to put some dodgy phrases in message body, subject or sender’s email as: rolex, viagra, penis, cialis, ci/\lis, and some others I have seen in my gmail junkbox. I did not found any consistency of spam catching. The plot thickens 🙂

    Akismet uses a variety of methods to determine if something is spam, and since each site considers different things spam it will provide different responses to different sites.

    You may want to reach out to the ‘contact form 7’ developers and make sure that they are sending as much of the Akismet API data – – as possible.

    Plugin Author Takayuki Miyoshi


    Though I’m not so sure about the inside of Akismet, it uses a variety of methods as Joseph wrote. Not only checking words you input. I guess, it checks your IP address and user agent information as well. It shouldn’t be treated as a spam even if it contains “viagra” words, as long as you’re not a spammer, right? I think in your case that Contact Form 7 sent enough data to Akismet, and Akismet gave correct answer to it. Maybe “viagra-test-123” is a special reserved word for testing, so it is always spam. But I’m not sure.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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