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    I just pushed version 1.3.3 because someone brought to my attention that their site was getting 500 errors when submitting CF7 forms. After looking into the matter, I discovered two problems:

    1) The helper function v(), as included by includes.php, was missing during the before_send hook. This function is declared during a late-loading init hook (lvl 20), which should have occurred before the before_send hook, but for some reason was not present.

    2) Forced debugging emails weren’t coming through when the automatically generated “From” header domain contained “www.” (via the $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']).

    If you are experiencing any of these problems, please try upgrading to v1.3.3 — and if you do, and this breaks your site, please let me know immediately by posting in this thread, so I can “re-fix” the plugin.


    Regarding #1, the change to a late-loading init hook occurred in v1.3.0 to fix the “hidden fields” module plugin conflict. I had tested this fix on several sites and not had a problem until this was recently pointed out — I’m not sure if there was a newer CF7 version which changed the order of its hooks, but that could explain why v was unavailable. I moved the basic includes to the regular init hook, so they’d be available for the rest of my hooks.

    Regarding #2, it seems that the debug messages weren’t coming across because of an incompatibility on some email servers with the email headers I was using. To make it easier I was appending the email address domain using $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], which in some cases contains “www.”. I’ve had several cases where this wasn’t a problem, and the majority of other sites I’ve seen this on don’t have “www”, but after investigating this recent issue manually stripping the “www.” appears to have fixed it.

    Again, if any of these changes mess up your site please let me know in the comments.

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