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  • If using this plugin, should the Hidden Fields plugin be deleted from the site? This would solve the problem of always seeing the message, There is a new version of Contact Form 7 Models:Hidden Fields available, despite running the automatic update for Contact Form 7 Modules:Hidden Fields.

    I’ve used this 3rd Party Integratoin plugin to integrate three Contact 7 forms to a CRM, and it works flawlessly. The only issue is that sites with 3rd Party installed always show as needing the inactive Hidden Fields plugin updated.

    Since Contact Form 7 Models:Hidden Fields is incorporated in the 3rd Party Integratoin plugin, and Contact Form 7 Models:Hidden Fields is automatically deactivated by it, can we remove it from the site?

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  • Plugin Author zaus


    Somewhat related to / duplicate of this issue:

    However, I think you’re asking something slightly different — you want to know if we can just get rid of the Hidden Fields plugin entirely, because it appears that it’s not in use.

    If that is the question, then the simple answer is yes, you don’t need the “hidden fields” plugin.

    But you’d be under a misunderstanding — the plugin is technically active even though it doesn’t show up as being so. As I mention in the other post, the plugin code is directly included, and thus available regardless of how the plugin page shows it (you can prove this by creating a contact form and looking under “Generate Tag” – there will be a “hidden field” option). Showing up as “active/inactive” is triggered by the presence of the plugin comment header.

    As an aside, I originally included the plugin as an easier way to specify static value fields (before I provided the checkbox “Is Value”). The intention is that you can create multiple forms using the same “3rdparty service”, like Bronto, which has a unique identifier for
    each form. Instead of creating multiple “services” which all have identical field mappings and only differ in their static values, it made sense to specify the unique options directly as hidden fields of the form itself.

    Because this issue is so confusing, and because this “feature” is not intrinsically needed by the plugin (and I’m guessing no one is using it), I would say it makes sense to remove the extra plugin. In the near future, if no-one comes across this and mentions that they need it, I’ll update the plugin to take it out and indicate how you could include the plugin separately to accomplish the task.

    For now, if the message bothers you you may:

    • delete the contents of hidden.php (not the file itself, or you may get an “include file not found” error)
    • remove the plugin header code from hidden.php, which will prevent it from showing up in the list (but then you might forget that you have that functionality present)
    • Change the version number in the plugin header code of hidden.php to something like 9999Fork.1.2, which will trick WP into thinking your current version is newer than any possible upgrades, thus “preventing” the ugrade notice.

    Zuas – Thanks for the helpful reply. If it were put to vote, I’d vote to leave it as is. We’re using it exactly as you mention above. We have multiple forms (4 now, but growing) all updating a CRM.

    We want to track which landing page updates CRM. By copying the CF7 form, changing a single hidden field value, and adding the form to an existing 3rdPartyService, it’s simple to do this. Having to manually duplicate the 3rdPartyService on the other hand would be bloated and inefficient IMO.

    We’ve been using the plugin for a couple of weeks and it has been working flawlessly.

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