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    I’ve installed the plugin successfully and was excited to see the settings page with what appeared to contain my perfect setup but..

    When I uncheck ‘Show First Name?’, ‘Show Last Name?’ or ‘Show List Selection?’ and hit ‘Save’ the form re-loads but these fields are re-loaded still checked. I cannot find a way to actually uncheck these and save them successfully.

    Can anyone help?

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  • I just installed this plugin and am having the same issue. This is running on WP 3.0.1. I do not need the last name or list selection box, and the same exact thing happens.

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    Are you having issues with the Form Designer widget or the standard widget?

    Standard widget. The form designer wouldn’t work at all because the site I’m working on is on GoDaddy hosting and the techs I talked to had no clue what modsecurity is or how to whitelist the domain, claimed that maybe it was something they can’t do on shared hosting plans, but were totally unaware it seemed. Anyway, getting off topic…

    I’m a php developer so I just found the widget settings in the options table in the database and changed them there, works for me. However, I ended up not liking it since it does not integrate the WordPress registration in the widget, and since the plugin integrates cc registration into wp registration, I just copied the correct wp-login.php code and used that. I know that’s a rough workaround, but it works perfectly.

    @madhavaji If this doesn’t get fixed and you want to know how to make the changes I made, let me know I will find it and post it here.

    The standard widget. I haven’t needed or activated the form designer yet.




    I downloaded this one after having problems with the other widget. being able to access the lists and campaigns from WP is fantastic!

    I am having the same issue here. Also, since I only have one active list, I want to uncheck the “Show list selection” and check the default list. Initially, there is a prompt that saus, this will be added to the active list that flashes, then it goes back to checked.

    Thanks for the help!


    Here is what I did to change the settings, a temporary work-around.

    Those settings can be changed directly in the database using phpMyAdmin. If you do not have access or do not know how to access phpMyAdmin, check out the WP-phpMyAdmin plugin.


    To make it easier, I am going to narrow down the list of options in phpMyAdmin so it is less confusing (maybe). You could skip the search step and find the options somewhere in the wp-options table, but there are 100’s of options to look through.

    In phpMyAdmin, I click the Browse button for the wp-options table, depending on what plugins you have you may need to scroll down to find the wp-options table. Once inside the wp-options table, I click the Search tab/link. On the search page, in the bottom five rows, the third row drop-down menu (option_name operator) I changed to “like %…%” and type “cc” (without quotes) in the value field for that row. Then click the “Go” button. Depending on the plugins you have installed, you may have to scroll down on the next page, but there should be about 15 rows that start with “cc” in the middle column. Those are the options.

    For example:

    Change the “cc_widget_show_list_selection” value to 0 to disable the list dropdown in the widget.

    Change the “cc_widget_show_lastname” value to 0 to remove the last name field in the widget.

    After looking into an issue with the Constant Contact plug in, we finally see it was not on our end/ that the form redirection URL is not working. My client and I would really love to use this svelte plug in! It leaves you at the current page with the success message in the widget area. Instead, we’d like for it to take us to a landing page for a “free” gift after capturing their email.

    Thank you VERY much!

    Thanks web2guru…that worked great DO you have this widget in production?

    No, I decided not to use that widget because it only registers with CC, not with WordPress. I needed the widget to function like the WP registration page works with this plugin, to register for both WordPress and for CC. So I made my own widget porting code from the WP registration page template, re-styled and works perfect for me.

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    This issue has been resolved in version 2.1.3 of the plugin. Thanks for letting me know!

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