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  • I’ve been using constant contact plugin for about a year now. Great tool and I really appreciate your efforts to make this a seamless process.

    Unfortunately about once every couple of months my client complains that the signup form has disappeared from the site. Lo and behold I log in and check the settings for the plugin and the username and password fields are empty. I enter the info, check a couple of boxes (It remembers the thank you page upon entering a successful password) and then hit enter and we’re all back to where we need to be.

    Do you have any solution for this periodic resetting of the plugin’s username and password fields?

    thanks in advance!
    John Stone

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  • Plugin Author Zack Katz


    I’ve experienced the same thing, and I’ve looked at why it might be happening, but I still can’t find out why.

    The next version (coming soon!) will have a different way of storing the options, so hopefully that will fix it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    I too am having this same issue. I thought maybe it was Constant Contact’s fault…perhaps maybe their server went down and lost the connection. If this is the plugin’s fault, we definitely need a solution. Please advise when the plugin update it available.

    Actually, besides the settings being gone, when I try to enter the user and password I now get this error:
    Unauthorized - This is an authentication problem. Primary reason is that the API call has either not provided a valid API Key, Account Owner Name and Associated Password or the API call attempted to access a resource (URI) which does not match the same as the Account Owner provided in the login credientials

    It now won’t reconnect the account. Any ideas?

    I have version 2.0, and it is also forgetting the settings. But ONLY if you enter the user name and password, then leave that screen, then come BACK INTO it again. The settings are then gone, and you have to reenter them.
    If you don’t go back into the screen, everything works fine.

    Another update –
    I’m using Constant Contact for WordPress together with the plugin Gravity Forms + Constant Contact.

    When entering a Parameter Name for a Constant Contact field, when I save the form, sometimes it saves it, and sometimes it doesn’t. I find that when I leave the Advanced tab, and then come back into it, the value I put in Parameter Name is no longer there, and it has been replaced by ‘undefined’.

    I am going to check on Gravity Forms board to see if it is a bug on their end, but I doubt it because they run some heavy quality control over there.

    Maybe a problem with the Gravity Forms + Constant Contact plugin?

    I’m sure this would of been picked up on during testing so think it will be your specific setup causing the issue.

    kims, that problem was actually on constant contact’s end and it should be fixed now. Nothing you were doing wrong, or the plugin, but rather constant contact.

    James I wouldn’t personally be so sure of that. This is something that appears to take time to manifest and it wouldn’t get caught in testing.

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    In the 1.1 update, I took out the code that I believed was causing that:

    update_option('cc_username', '');
    update_option('cc_password', '');

    on line 218 of functions.php…this happened if the CC servers weren’t reached in enough time. By taking those two lines out, however, I believed I solved that issue.

    One of the future updates I would like to make is to consolidate the 20+ options for the plugin to one option saved as an array. This may help identify your issue.

    Any additional information you could provide regarding when this happens, error logs, etc. would be helpful.

    The user name and password is definitely being lost. If you could direct me to an error log I could provide, I would be happy to supply it.
    When do you anticipate the new version to be released?

    I see that the two lines you mentioned above are already commented out?
    But the issue of losing the username and password still happen…
    This must not have solved the problem.

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