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  • I’ve downloaded and installed 1.11 and everything seems to work fine, with the exception of hiding lists. I want to offer people the option to subscribe to 2 lists, but not, of course, to our test lists. Right now all of the lists, test lists included, appear in the signup widget even though I’ve checked the checkbox under the Hide Contact Lists section (and yes, I made sure I was in Widget settings).

    A bit of feedback – it’s rather confusing to have the Contact Lists section above the Hide Contact Lists since it seems to be two ways to control list visibility. It’s more confusing that the lists all appear regardless of those settings.

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  • Zack Katz


    Hi Rick,
    Yes, the whole Contact Lists piece is confusing. We have a lot of work to do in cleaning up the backend to make it more simple. I have a client with almost 100 lists, and it’s quite overwhelming.

    Also, it would seem that if you don’t select a list to be shown that it should be hidden – I need to take a closer look at how that’s all put together.

    I think it’ll be easier when the widget settings are managed on the widget page; that way, settings are for each widget separately, and not confused with the other Registration page options.

    We’ll look into making sure the hidden lists stay hidden. Thanks for the alert.

    A suggestion and a question.

    First, I’d just collapse the show/hide into one set of settings – checked things show, unchecked, they don’t.

    the question: Does this mean there’s no way to hide lists? If so, that really means I can’t use the plugin at all, sadly.

    rickg17, Your probably not reading the inline instructions correctly, you can either hide the contact lists you choose or show the contact lists you choose, you cannot use both together.

    I’m pretty sure this works fine, if a bit confusing.

    Nope. I’ve tried both combinations (leave the Hide list all unchecked and checking the lists I wanted to show, leaving others unchecked ) and they all showed up. I’ve checked (under Show) the ones to show and checked (under Hide) the ones to hide. No luck (I’m using the widget).

    I’ll play with this more, but this might be a compatibility with 3.0 thing and, frankly this isn’t that hard to do a UI for – give people a selection of which lists to show. By definition, if I don’t check a list it’s hidden. There’s not any need to have separate hide/show controls, especially since you can define contradictory settings (check both Show and Hide for a given list).

    Related conceptually, but a different issue is that I would NOT allow people to delete lists on Constant Contact from the plugin, especially since there’s no “Are you Sure?” You’re destroying data in a pretty cavalier way and it would be very easy to think that’s how you can not show lists.

    If it’s not working as intended and your using wp 3 that’s likely the problem, no testing has been done on unreleased versions of wp by myself.

    The 2 list options are so it works for everyone in all situations and it’s also so you can change the list selections without loosing the previous list selections – if you ever want to change the register page list selection method option.

    Also you mentioned “this isn’t that hard to do a UI for – give people a selection of which lists to show.”.

    I say that’;s fine but what if I want to show all my contact lists?

    I appreciate it’s not very easy to use, since you say it isn’t hard feel free to suggest how we can make this useful for everyone while making it easier to use, and keeping as many different setup options available as it provides now, or more.

    Any suggestions?


    I’ll try this in 2.92 and let you know what I find.

    As for the UI, your current UI allows me to define logically impossible settings – Under the Show section “List A” can be checked, but the Hide section “List A” can also be checked. That says to me that I’m telling the plugin to show the list and then to hide it – that’s an unresolvable conflict. Should the list be shown or not?

    To resolve this, in each section (register and widget) I’d simply have a Show These Lists group box with checkboxes for all of the lists from their account. If someone wants to show a list, they check it. Unchecked lists don’t show up. Note I’m NOT saying they should be forced to have the same settings on the Register section and the Widget section. Rather, I’m saying that the Show/HIde UI within each needs to be streamlined and made so that it’s more intuitive. People should be able to check lists that they want to show up and those do, unchecked ones don’t. They should not have to understand the programming logic to get that they shouldn’t setup certain situations.

    Note that the flip of what I reccomend also works – ask people which lists they want to *hide*.

    The image here shows settings that I’d expect to show the first two lists and hide the last two, but all four lists show up in both 2.92 or 3.0. In fact all 4 lists show up regardless of the choices I make here (i’m using the widget).

    If you read the inline comments it should be clear why that does not work.

    I’ve read the inline comments, it doesn’t work at all, regardless of what combination you do things in. I’ve followed exactly what they say.

    You can’t have done because it works fine, please read the inline comments, you can select either hide or show lists, NOT both.

    Calling me a liar is not going to really endear your services to me. You’ve already done it via email.

    I’ve gone through every combination possible.

    I have read the inline comments, followed *EXACTLY* what they say. It doesn’t work on WP3.0

    Zack Katz


    Hi Paul,
    As I’ve written before, this will be updated in the next major release of the plugin. I’m working on it.

    I’ve not called you a liar, I develop this plugin for free please remember, and I’m not trying to push any services on you.

    If you don’t follow instructions what can I do???
    The plugin is NOT compatible with wordpress version 3.

    Please listen to what your told.

    Thank you.

    Seriously.. learn how to deal with people. That is the first mention of WP 3.0, it’s not mentioned on your website, it’s not mentioned in the “in line comments”, and the requirements are “WP 2.9 or higher”.. which would indicate that it is supposed to work with WP 3.0.

    I’m well aware that it’s a free plug in and personally I think you need to add a donate button on your website, as I always donate to free plugins that I find usefull.

    James.. is english your first language.. or are you always that patronising?

    Zack Katz


    Alright guys, let’s just have a discussion purely about the code here. Please take your argument elsewhere.

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