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  • I’ve got the plugins for constant contact and form designer installed and activated. My issue is that I can’t save the form with the additional fields outside of the default. I get an error message that says I need to whitelist the domain with ModSecurity, except for the fact that my server doesn’t have ModSecurity installed.

    Anyone have any ideas on what else could be blocking the connection?

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  • Plugin Author Zack Katz


    I would contact your host and see if they can shed additional light on this.

    How many additional fields are you using? If you’re using lots, then it could be an URL length issue. I can think of a couple work-arounds for the next version if this is the case.

    Let me know what you find out.


    I’m having the same problem with the form designer.

    I customized a form, trying to remove the First Name and Last Name fields and add a bunch of text (maybe 2 paragraphs) to the form text, then change the colors, backgrounds, border, etc, and it saves changes inconsistently. When I created the form initially, it let me save the changes, but when I went back to edit the form, it won’t let me make changes, and in fact added back in some of the default settings without asking me.

    I asked my hosting company about ModSecurity, and they looked through the apache logs and said there were no modsecurity problems, but they did find other problems. I’ve copied the email they sent me below.

    Any ideas? I really like this plugin, but I just want it to work consistently…


    [Log file moderated. Please use the pastebin]

    Alright, looks like the email I copied got moderated, so here’s a link to the email:


    I am having the same error. Spoke to my hoting company and they said they do not have mod security set up on the server at all. So they have no idea why the plugin is saying it.

    I see what mfarrell1 has but I do not understand what it means.

    Any help please.


    I have the same problem. No mod security even installed on the server. Just to be sure I disabled it under Plesk by adding a vhost.conf file. No joy.

    I am wondering if it might not be a permissions issue. The form displays fine and even shows different styles when you select them, but if you try and save anything it displays the mod security error and resets to default.

    However the error logs are clean and not indicating any issues. Really weird.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because it looks like an awesome plugin.

    Just to add I ran your test php script which came back with:

    Success, this server is capable of supporting our code

    So I am reasonably confident there is not a server related issue.

    Same problem. My server (bluehost) does not have ModSecurity. I would love to use this plugin. Any plans to offer a workaround?

    Plugin Author Zack Katz


    You can use the Constant Contact plugin but just not the Form Designer plugin. I’ll be finding a way for this to work in future versions.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    So is there a way to design forms without the Form Designer? So the site owner can insert the form thru shortcode?

    Any update on this?

    I’m having the same issue. I use Bluehost, and I checked with them. Bluehost does not have/use modsecurity either. On their end, in addition to seeing the same error, they also received an error that said ‘php cannot modify header ozhgradient.php line 100’. Hope this helps. Please let me know when this is resolved – I would really like to be able to use the plugin!

    I am having the same issue. No modsecurity according to my host. They told me since I am on a windows server modsecurity is a Linux thing. Have you tested the plugin on a windows server hosted site? Any action on fixing this?



    Is there any fix yet? It would be great to use this tool, as I haven’t found a better form designer for use with Constant Contact



    Same problem here. Any update on a fix?



    Same here, no Mod security.
    Problem I’m having is that I’m only changing very minor things:

    – Do not display SafeSubscribe
    – Removed email input placeholder text
    – Changed submit text (says ‘iSignUp’)

    Changing the Submit text doesn’t work at all, but the other 2 items seem to work, and I can see it on the frontend, but then the form doesn’t save, so I don’t know how it’s being stored.

    Also- the form is blank on the frontend unless I Activate Form Designer, when I deactivate it, the form disappears.

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