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    Using .6.1 with the newly implemented $session_save_path. I currently have it set outside the PUBLIC_HTML directory on my webhost and I’m getting — ERROR: The $_SESSION save path does not exist.

    Does it have to be set within the directory of my domain/directory structure on the server?

    I was reading around on the docs and user comments suggest keeping the session files secure by having the temp directory outside of the PUBLIC_HTML directory.

    Help would be appreciated.

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  • shazahm1


    Yes, you want to keep the session files secure by keeping them out of the public HTML folder. Can you add entries? Who is your host provider?

    I’ve been playing around with it a bit more and I can not add entries, or edit existing entries. I get errors for: NO SESSION TOKEN, and TOKEN MISMATCH.

    My hosting provider is

    Perhaps… I have the location of the session-files directory improperly configured?

    Some info just in case —

    My domain currently resides in the following directory structure:
    /public_html/, with other domains in similar structure: public_html/ etc.

    I have the php.ini file in directory:

    It’s a global php.ini file, I don’t need one for every domain directory on my account.

    Does the plugin look everywhere for the php.ini, or only in known/preset locations?

    The session temp directory is structured as follows:
    /my_session_dir — Outside of the public_html

    Here’s the configuration from my php.ini
    session.save_path = /my_session_dir ;

    Do I need to include the trailing slash on the directory? If so it should be in the documentation.

    Hope some of this helps! If you need more info, let me know.



    I use Bluehost as well and simply using /tmp works for me. Though the path you’re trying to use would be incorrect. It should be something like


    See this FAQ…

    SUCCESS! I had my path configured wrong. Thanks for the help. All is good now.

    I have the same issue except I am with

    I don’t know what sessions is or where to find it. My structure is (root)/public_html/domainfiles (WordPress is installed directly inside public_html)

    If I had another (sub)domain it would be (root)/public_html/DOMAIN/domainfiles

    I do not see a php.ini in my hierarchy. Any ideas? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be looking for.



    Your php.ini is a file that should be in (root)/public_html/domainfiles. It could be possible that your webhost does not allow access to this file. Check again to see if it is there. You might have to request that they set the path for you. Let me know how it goes.

    Do you have a plain English explanation of how to get this working.

    So … I have to make a php.ini file in root … and then what?

    session.save_path = / ;

    I have tried every configuration I can think of. My host says I have to put in in the directory I want it for … not root … but neither work.

    Perhaps you need to integrate a checker which states specifically what path, directories etc it needs?

    What is “session.save_path”?



    Ask your host to supply you with the php.ini file and place it in your public html root.

    Ask your host specifically what path it should be set to.

    Ask your host specifically how to make your php.ini global so you do not have to put it in every directory.



    I’d like to add… I’m working on removing all use of sessions in the next release.

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