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  • Just wanted to say great work to the author of the connections plugin.

    I’m not actually using it for it’s intended purpose, it’s been used as a base to build another 2 sections into my test site. I’ve stripped loads out and reformatted alot of HTML, but the nicely formatted code made it a dream to chop up and fiddle with…

    Now if only other authors followed this author’s attention to detail when it came to formatting… 🙂

    Thumbs up from me, just purely because it’s nice to read some well formatted code for a change!… 🙂

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  • shazahm1


    Thank you! I’ve only been coding for a few months now so it’s good to here I’m doing it right. I’d love to so how you’ve re-purposed the code, maybe I can use it to add features to Connections.

    With kind regards,

    Steve <><

    It’s been mainly stipping out stuff, as appose to adding anything.

    I havn’t grasped objects or classes yet myself, so was nice to find a plugin that covers the bases for me.

    I’m going to be using it for code snippets and as a Q&A tool…

    Addresses, phone numbers, emails, birthday and anniversaries have been stripped out, along with the alpha index…

    All i needed was something that operated like pages and posts but wasn’t either of them, the trade off was the ability to stick the shortcode into 1 page and grab the entries. I’ll then just exclude said pages where needed elsewhere.

    Also looking at a way to re-write the admin urls and referrals after each action in the admin area, but i’m still focussed on getting formatting right first so i can get a copy running on the live site.

    Stripped down it works pretty well as a base for someone wanting to do a little plugin experimentation without having to learn all the hooks and methods, etc… i’m currently reading up on some basic JQuery for intergrating into the Q&A page, simple slide up and down jobby…

    When i mention the Q&A i must say i looked at loads of faq plugins, all more WAY overkill for whats required to be on the page… was also frustrated in being required to register an account to even obtain one (faq-tastic, which was poop imo).

    Managed to fudge it up once or twice in removing bits, but a couple of reinstalls later i’ve learnt to backup as i change things… Strangely the database set the new tables to latin instead of utf-8, but i think that’s the local database doing that, so now corrected….

    I do really appreciate the effort you put into formatting your code into a readable format, it really is a pet hate for me when reading anyone’s code when there’s no logical structure to the formatting.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to… 😉

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