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    I am the developer of the “Leaflet Maps Marker”-plugin ( and found that your plugin is breaking my settings panel as you are loading an old version of jquery-ui-css on all admin pages. I kindly advice you to change your plugin in a way that the scripts and css you need for your plugin are only loaded on your admin pages. For a workaround, I will deenqueue your css files on my admin pages, but I´d be happy if you could fix this the other way round 😉
    best regards,

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Yikes! Will do, mate. Thanks.
    Update: Ok, after looking to this a bit, it seems plugin developers need to bundle their own themes for jQuery UI, which is clearly a mess when it comes to cross-plugin compatibility

    The only solution I can think of is to embrace a single theme that everyone should use on their plugins.

    So a few questions for you:

    1. Which jQuery UI theme are you using, and are you loading it locally or from Google’s CDN?
    2. When you wp_register_style which name are you using? Maybe if we standardize on both the css and the registered style name, we can avoid conflicts.

    In the mean time, we’ll check out your plugin and figure out the best way to get them to play well together in the sandbox.


    Plugin Author Baden


    Alright, it seems leaflet-maps-marker is including the css with the plugin.
    The css we are loading is:
    which as you can see will auto-update to the current version:jQuery UI - v1.8.24 - 2012-09-28 as of this writing.

    Since we are using the jQuery datepicker only on the widget options, we’ll see if we and check for this page and only load the datepicker / css on this page.

    More to come…

    Plugin Author Baden


    Install version 2.2.10a from the Plugin Oven:

    See if that solves the datepicker conflict and let me know your results.

    no quite there – with 2.2.10a my css looks fine now, but the functionality is still broken because of the js-files (which cant be dequeued because of lacking ids now).

    Have a look at, line 334-362 – this is how I add my js+css files only on my plugin backend pages…

    Plugin Author Baden


    which js files are you having a conflict with? I have your plugin installed on our test server. Where exactly does the conflict exist? How can we test it on our end so we don’t end up playing try-this ping-pong?

    I dont know which of your js is causing this (as I couldnt remove it via deenqueue 😉

    here´s how to check: install my plugin, go to settings and see if you can switch to another tab or pane. With 2.2.10a, this is broken.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Ah, ok! Install version 2.2.10b from the Plugin Oven:
    And that should fix it!

    Thanks again for the feedback!

    Gruß aus Hamburg

    thanks – this version solves the problem. So I can remove your plugin from my list of incompatible plugins 🙂

    Plugin Author Baden


    sweet. issue resolved. Will issue an update in the next days.

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