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    Also, can probably be used for anything WP ADA Compliance Check needs updated. It’s likely both plugins involved in this conflict need to be updated to fix this (as well as avoid future issues and/or issues with other plugins.)

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    What’s the conflict exactly?

    If you have a solution, you can open a pull request here:

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    You can encounter the issue by installing the WP ADA Compliance Check plugin ( and trying to dismiss the notice about their HTML Validation plugin that’s shown on the Dashboard page of the site admin. The notice keeps being shown after being dismissed even though it has being used to make it remember the notice was dismissed.

    The problem is that both plugins are enqueueing a script with the generic name of “dismissible-notices” where both plugins need this renamed to avoid conflicts since they’re loading a script specific to that plugin (one would imagine a generic script name like this is only good when loading a library that might be shared with other plugins/etc. & not something like this where it’s loading unique functionality.)

    Also, it appears that there’s additional work to be done even once the script naming conflict is resolved. Clicking the dismiss button on the notice from WP ADA Compliance Check still has the dismissal script from this plugin be triggered while then preventing the script specific to that plugin then isn’t executed & the previously dismissed notice keeps re-showing on refresh.

    Meanwhile, this problematic notice remembers its dismissed perfectly fine when Email Address Encoder is deactivated.

    Again, this probably isn’t specific to just this plugin & it’s just the plugin where I came across this.

    I’ve gone ahead and also posted this at just in case it’s useful to have there as well.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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