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    Hmmm yes I see the blank page, probably from a PHP error. You could add these settings temporarily to your live site’s wp-config.php to help gather more information on the error:

    define('WP_DEBUG',true); // if you already defined WP_DEBUG elsewhere, just change it there to true, same with all these other definitions

    That will log any PHP error to a file called debug.log in your wp-content directory.

    I’d suggest making those changes to your wp-config.php, then go to Print My Blog’s page where you’re getting the whitescreen, and then check if wp-content/debug.log has anything in it. If it does, please share here. Either way, you should then undo the changes to wp-config.php so hackers can’t see the debug info.

    I did make the debug changes to wp-config.php, there was no debug.log. So I added a blank page wp-content/debug.log, but it showed no errors.

    I spent an hour on a chat with my service provider trying to find a specific error. Since he couldn’t figure it out, he escalated the case. I have not heard back from them. I’ll report when the error reporting is sorted out.

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    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Hmmm ya strange. The point is we want to make sure you’re able to see PHP warnings and errors for now, because without that it’s very hard to know what needs to be fixed.
    What I do in your situation: I purposefully add some PHP code that I know will produce a warning (eg $foo=null; $foo[0]) to the theme’s functions.php file and make sure I can somehow see those warnings (eg in the debug.log file, or at least on the webpage when DEBUG_DISPLAY is set to true. Once I know that’s working, I’d visit the problematic page and look for warnings and errors.

    If you never see any warnings and errors, it’s possible another plugin or your hosting provider is hiding them. So you’d need to try deactivating plugins and talking to the host until you’re able to know what warnings and errors are happening.

    Good luck!

    With the last update, the problem seems to have resolved.

    Still no resolution on why the debug didn’t work, but that’s not your problem.


    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Good to hear the issue was resolved. I’m not certain what the problem was or what in the latest release solved it, but oh well. Please report another issue if you have the problem again!

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